Ready to make

 your brand of  difference

 in the world?

because your awesomeness needs to  stand out!

Brand Strategy

Position your brand to STAND OUT!

Brand Analysis to get Clear and focused on where to position your brand.

Determine the direction for your brand going forward.



Brand Development + Design

Developing a brand that is aligned with you, by developing the following:

  • Brand Conceptualisation [with an Inspiration board]
  • Brand Elements Created [Logo, colours, fonts, patterns, and other design elements]
  • Print Design Options
  • Social Media Templates
  • Website Design


Create a Brand Experience

Create a Brand Experience that your clients will love.

A roadmap for the way forward, with an actionable strategy designed around your needs, and business goals.

It’s about creating beautiful brands that stand out!

You are equally Awesome!

and I want to help you SHINE

your AwesomeSauce!

Hey! I’m Emma Weise

and if you really want to delve into my story, you’re welcome to take a look here, but I suspect you’re more interested in what I can do for your brand.

My goal for you, is to create something super tasty that your clients crave.

Looking at your fabulous ingredients [that make your brand special],

Working out how we can whip it all together,

dress it up a little,

and before you know it,

your brand is lathered with your AwesomeSauce 

[kinda like what a bit of hollandaise sauce, bacon, and spinach do for an eggs benedict – which could be yet another poached egg on toast!]

Ready to unlock your AwesomeSauce?

Now that I have you completely craving breakfast, you may as well take a look at the menu:

Or we could have a virtual coffee…