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Hey Hun! I'm Emma Weise

Hey Hun! I'm Emma Weise

Head Creative | FreshSage

Hey! I just wanted to pop in and welcome you to FreshSage 2015.09.01FreshSageSpring-18 I help sneaker wearing, flat white drinking, lipgloss wearing business owners create and design a Brand Experience that their clients will love! My Boutique Creative Studio is Located in Cape Town, South Africa [Although I have clients all over the world].

Looking for BizBFF's + a mastermind Experience?

Join other coffee loving, sneaker rocking, red lipstick [or natural gloss if that’s your vibe] wearing service entrepreneurs [like coaches, mentors, and creative biz owners] – for connection, support, and some insider tips from Emma!

Your business got you “scarecited” lately?

Your business got you “scarecited” lately?

SCARE-CITED: The moment when… You are scared to take the next step + You are excited to move forward Recently, I’ve noticed this new phenominen [ok, spoiler alert, it’s not that new!]… It’s that moment when my clients are “scare-cited” It’s that beautiful... read more
Challenges, Prayer, and business

Challenges, Prayer, and business

I love a challenge. I think it started with Nathalie’s 30 day list building challenge. I then discovered Melissa’s challenge to help me get really obsessed. Tash’s 7 day money challenge helped me see making money in a completely different light It was Jay’s copy... read more

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