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Hey Hun! I'm Emma Weise

Hey Hun! I'm Emma Weise

Head Creative | FreshSage

Hey! I just wanted to pop in and welcome you to FreshSage 2015.09.01FreshSageSpring-18 I help sneaker wearing, flat white drinking, lipgloss wearing business owners create and design a Brand Experience that their clients will love! My Boutique Creative Studio is Located in South Africa [Although I have clients all over the world].

The Branding Kitchen - Free Facebook Group

A space where heart cenetered coaches, mentors and service based biz owners are creating gourmet brand experiences, and testing out what works to confidently bring their brand to life!

for connection, support, and some insider tips from Emma!

Want a sneak peak at my Branding Recipe?

Want the recipe I use to build decadent brands for my clients? Plus I will give you a recipe to assess your own brand too!

Click here to access my basic brand recipe

Need Focus? My Daily Focus Recipe!

I’m sharing the 6 activities I use to gain focus and momentum in my business [and I’ve included a free planner for you!]

*Added Bonus: My sexy income generating tasks

Heard about the Bake Off?

Take a look at what my Brand Bake Off Contents have been drooling over!

16 free script + brush fonts hidden in CANVA

16 free script + brush fonts hidden in CANVA

She liked the font I'd shown her, but the price tag wasn't tasting as delicious. and she asked me if I knew of any free scripted fonts that would work for her brand. so I thought I'd show her the top 16 scripted and brush fonts that CANVA have [considering they're...

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A letter to mom…

A letter to mom…

I remember feeling mesmerised. I used to love listening to your stories. As a young girl, you’d often share stories with me, sometimes they were from books, occasionally they were made up, and often times they were just about some random happenings from your day. I...

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It’s a Brand Take Over | with Kate Crocco

It’s a Brand Take Over | with Kate Crocco

Hey Confident Ladies! Last week I had the honour of taking over Kate Crocco's Confident Ladies Club Facebook Group for the week. and by take over... I mean take ooovvveeerrr. I was "kate" for the week! #HowCool   Considering I had created Kate’s brand, and we...

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