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Hey Hun! I'm Emma Weise

Hey Hun! I'm Emma Weise

Head Creative | FreshSage

Hey! I just wanted to pop in and welcome you to FreshSage 2015.09.01FreshSageSpring-18 I help sneaker wearing, flat white drinking, lipgloss wearing business owners create and design a Brand Experience that their clients will love! My Boutique Creative Studio is Located in South Africa [Although I have clients all over the world].

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A space where heart cenetered coaches, mentors and service based biz owners are creating gourmet brand experiences, and testing out what works to confidently bring their brand to life!

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Want a sneak peak at my Branding Recipe?

Want the recipe I use to build decadent brands for my clients? Plus I will give you a recipe to assess your own brand too!

Click here to access my basic brand recipe

Need Focus? My Daily Focus Recipe!

I’m sharing the 6 activities I use to gain focus and momentum in my business [and I’ve included a free planner for you!]

*Added Bonus: My sexy income generating tasks

Heard about the Bake Off?

Take a look at what my Brand Bake Off Contents have been drooling over!

Qu: When is the right time to rebrand?

Qu: When is the right time to rebrand?

When is the right time to rebrand? It's a question I've been asked a few times. My short go to answer is: When your brand is not feeling aligned to you, Or you’re feeling like it isn’t representing you, Or if you feel like you aren’t attracting the right clients, Then...

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The impact of colour on Branding

The impact of colour on Branding

Each colour evokes an emotion! I have spoken about the impact that colour has on your branding, and this week, I did a test - I wanted to see what the reaction would be to Pantone's "colour of the year" [which is the very luscious GREENERY BTW]. Let me first introduce...

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Colour Consult | Swapna #FreshColour

Colour Consult | Swapna #FreshColour

I want her to "OWN HER ZONE OF GENIUS"! The first time that I heard Swapna say those words... I knew that she had something really interesting, different, and powerful to share with the world! and if you haven't already met this powerful lady, let me do the honours of...

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