Is your  brand experience so tasty, that your clients crave more?


There are many aspects that make up a  beautiful brand.

It’s more than having something look delicious,

it needs to align with your  unique business dreams,

filled with your personality,

and be tasty enough that your ideal clients crave it!


Because you’re already have a big dream that you’re working towards.

Your clients are settled, you’ve been getting visible, and you’re creating some seriously decadent value.


The problem is that your brand is making your champagne offering look like cheap bubbly!

You know another DIY “fix” will only get you so far, and you’d actually rather spend your time up-leveling and doing the “things” that will bring in that new level of client!

You just want someone [who really gets the heart of what you do] to work with you and pull that soul through into your branding.

Someone who’ll create a beautiful brand that allows your gorgeous business to really shine!

A brand that you feel super confident in promoting [because it will reflect the quality of service you’re already delivering]


Like these gorgeous clients of mine have:

Here is what my clients have said about their experience:

So my latest evolution is around my brand. I am in the process of rebranding. It is much easier and cheaper to get this right the first time round! It’s a false economy to think you can do it on the cheap (or yourself) in the beginning… Changing it years later means new website, new worksheets/workbooks (sooooo soooo many), new slides, new email signature, new newsletter templates, etc. The list goes on. So I highly recommend engaging someone who knows their shiz (like the wonderful Emma Weise) and will get this right for you first time. Check out some of the new brand imagery (I’m pretty excited)!!!

-Renée Hasseldine

Working with Emma is like working with a great friend, the whole process was authentic and fun!

Emma was amazing at pulling all the different threads of my biz story and elements together. She stunned me with the lengths she went to create something that I would love.

Now I have an entire LOOK and FEEL for my brand that is deep and authentic. I’m becoming more confident. Taking up more space. Being more visible. And now my client bookings are FULL.

– Stevie Schafer

My “Chef Style” is unique!

Just like a Chef has a signature style, My style is a blend between brand coach, designer, and stylist. I’ve also been referred to as a brand angel, a muse, and a fairy godmother.

I love to collaborate with you on your brand – because if you are going to be creating a brand that reflects you, you need to be a part of the process

Take a look at my branding process here

Not sure what you need?

Whilst the options are endless, your budget isn’t!

Let’s work our which elements you’ll need to create a brand experience that’s right for you,

to do that properly… it’s best for us to connect, and have a chat over a cup of coffee.

Ready to create a  tasty brand that you [and your clients] love?

“Emma, do you have Space for me?”


I work with a limited number of full rebrand clients each month

[you may need to book in advance, but let’s chat and see if I can squeeze you in]




Let’s chat about how we can make your brand even   tastier!

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