Ready to create a deliciously decadent

 brand experience

for your clients?

I want to help you


create a brand


that is as decadent


as the champagne offering


you already have!


No more cheap bubbly branding for you…

it’s time to confidently shine your #AwesomeSauce!

Let’s start by taking a look

What  stage is your business in?

Stage 1:

You need focus, direction + clarity

[whether you’re starting out / are in the process of up-leveling]

Stage 2:

You want to DIWH //

Do it with help

[You’ll still do most of your brand stuff yourself, but with guidance]

Stage 3:

Position your brand with VIP support 

[Let’s work together to create your decadent brand experience]

Some of the  gorgeous brands 

That I have created with my clients:

Let’s look at what 

I’m   serving up just for you!

stage 1

You’re looking for clarity, focus and direction.

  • You could either be in the space where you’re upleveling and need a new focus
  • or maybe you’re starting out and need guidance
  • or you know that what you’re putting out isn’t consistent


Then book an espresso intensive with me to get clarity, direction + focus!

Espresso Brand Intensive info

What you'll Get:
  • Clarity Questions
  • Brand Assessment
  • 1 x 45min 1:1 Session
  • Recipe [with tips and way forward]
What's the investment?

Investment for this session:


 Click here to Drop me a mail and make it happen!

stage 1

You’re looking for help baking your own brand.

The Brand Bake Off is a pretty decadent recipe:
one part course [4 week program] + One Part Emma Magic [a 1:1, live calls + group support] + One part COMPETITION!

What you get?

  • A 1:1 session with me – for clear, focused direction
  • A Brand Moodboard
  • Clear on your Brand Colors
  • Clear on your Brand Font [with a list of my fav fonts]
  • Clear on your Brand images [and links to my fav image spaces]
stage 1

You’re ready for a gorgeous new brand.

One that reflects your champagne offering, as well as your heart + soul, whilst still attracting dreamy clients.

What’s in the picnic basket?

  • 1:1 Brand intensive
  • Brand Story wrapped up in a moodboard
  • Brand Colour Palette
  • Brand Font selection
  • Brand Logo
  • Submark / Alternate Logo
  • Patterns + Textures
  • Brand Imagery Guidance
  • Social Templates
  • Note Card

Ps… I also have some tasty bundles you could add onto the picnic basket:

  • Facebook Group Bundle
  • Program / Course Bundle
  • Getting Online Bundle
  • Online Store Bundle
  • Virtual Summit Bundle

I’d love to chat some more about

how we can make your brand more   tasty 

Why don’t you book in a free 15min chat with me >>


Or alternatively, drop me a mail below…

I want to chat more about the decadent menu treats!