She liked the font I’d shown her, but the price tag wasn’t tasting as delicious.

and she asked me if I knew of any free scripted fonts that would work for her brand.

so I thought I’d show her the top 16 scripted and brush fonts that CANVA have [considering they’re free, they’re actually quite tasty].

To show you how tasty CANVA’s free fonts are…

I thought I’d pull it all together on one page for you!

This way, you don’t have to scroll through aaaalllllll the font options in alphabetical order!

Now you can compare, and figure out which one really suits your brand’s personality!

A side tip about font’s and branding

Whether you chose to make an investment [which can range anywhere from $14 – $40], or whether they are looking for something free – know that your font is an extension of your personality.

So whilst you’ve fallen in luurrrvvveee with ____________ [insert that cute font name here], don’t leave it there!

Also be conscious of how it will be perceived by your ideal clients.

Think about what that font is saying about you and your brand!

Want to take a sneak peak into the brand recipe I use when working with clients?

I’ll even share another tip or two around fonts 😉

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