“What script fonts do CANVA have?”

A client was wondering whether any of the free scripted font’s that come in CANVA – would work for her brand.

Instead of scrolling for days, I thought I’d give her a quick overview of some of the better [more tastier] options available in CANVA.

I’ve popped the cheat sheet here for you [yip, you don’t even have to download it], and if you scroll past it – you may even get a tip or two 😉


Some tips about scripted fonts… and your brand.

If you spotted one you liked, awesome! 

Naturally, as a brand strategist – I totally have a few thoughts on using scripted fonts in your branding!

Tip 1: Does it really express your brand?

Your font is a representation of your brand’s personality.

So naturally, the first question to ask yourself – is whether the font you have chosen, will really suit your brand personality + help position you in the market.

Tip 2: penny wise, pound foolish

You’ve probably heard the term already… but it’s worth mentioning that if these free options don’t really represent the brand you want to create… then you’ll be doing more long term harm to your business if you settle.

There are some really great scripted fonts that are really reasonable – like these brush ones, or these trendy thin scripted fonts that you can gush over… and most of these are only a $14 – $40 investment.

Tip 3: take a closer look

There is nothing worse than investing in a font, and when you type your brand elements / name / key words – you realise it looks really shitty + you have to go back to the drawing board + make another investment.

The great thing about the creative market fonts – is that you can try them out before buying them – so test a few of your favourite phrases – and see how it feels before you buy.

Tip 4: will Mr. or Mrs. dreamy like it?

Nope, I’m not talking about your significant other… I’m referring to your ideal client here.

If you use a typeface that really doesn’t appeal to your ideal client… or one that sends the wrong message… you’re totally doing brand damage.

Be conscious of how it will be perceived by your ideal clients.

Ask yourself: “What is this font saying about me and my brand?”

Ok Emma… what do these font’s look like already???


I curated my favourite of all the options in this image for you:

Now that you have looked at these options…

Know that the font [type] you choose, is only one aspect of what goes into a full brand.

It should be used to emphasise the brand, and it should help you send that consistent message!

tired of spending hours trying to create branded goodies in canva?


Then take a look at the canva templates I have whipped up for you:

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