1. You’re not always prepared as you think you are

Whilst traveling back, I thought I was being really clever by checking oil & water.. the guy helping me put in a pint of oil & I saw water going into the car.

I was really impressed with myself for remembering + felt prepared + ready for our long journey. Till about 400km later when a warning light popped on in the car! 😳

Isn’t business also like that sometimes?

You think you’ve thought through things, you try prevent it or prepare for it… and boom- something happens?

2. you need to act quick!

So, this is where I’m proud of myself for pulling over the second the light came on, stopping the car, and calling for help.

I think my fast thinking stopped me from blowing a head gasket.

Just like in business, when we can see something out of line, we can think fast, make the necessary shifts + potentially save the business from much bigger trouble and costs!

3. Being stuck in the middle of nowhere, late in the afternoon, with the possibility of help being an age away… is not fun! Use the resources at your disposal!

Thankfully for technology I was able to google the hazard light, send pic of that through, then take a pic of the bonnet of the car, because yes… I had to now check all the car essentials & being a girly girl – I have no clue what to check (or desire to learn – much to hubby’s frustration).

But through our process of elimination & a few more pics of what I was doing along the way – we realized it was the water – and two other ladies stopped to help me (thank you Lord for sending them!!!) and thankfully they had still water (I was drinking sparkling & I dont think the car would have appreciated it!).

After all that, I was back on the road!

So when you’re in a business fix, make use of the resources you need to help you… get someone elses opinion, figure out how to fix the problem, make the shift & get going again!

What about you… got a story of how you had to shift things? I’d love to hear it!

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