Richard Branson has always intrigued me… a man knowing for going out on a limb and trying things… going where others fear of treading… I liked the fact that this quote of his – spoke less to his view on risk… and more to his view on business…


So… what are the 3 gems for me?

1. Business needs to be evolving:

Sometimes we feel like we have the latest Product | Solution | idea… and are on a winning ticket… and we might be… but that time period is very short lived… and if we aren’t thinking about how we can evolve… we are becoming stagnant – and all too quickly – we fall behind. So my take out: Innovation is critical to stay abreast… and that we need to move quickly!

2. It has to be fun:

I really don’t think that he’s saying life has to be one big fat party after another… but more that we need to enjoy what we do. We should find ways to play to our strengths – the things we enjoy {and are good at}… use our talents in the way they were intended. I often find that the really successful {and happy} focused first on doing what they loved and were passionate about… and as they say: Do what you love… and the money will come!

3. It has to exercise your creative interests:

Creativity isn’t only about Creating art {as some people believe}!  As someone who is creative… I’ve come to realise that part of my creativity is about actually creating things… but part of it is about how I creatively look at life and solve problems… for others… creativity is about how they work with numbers… what is your creative interest?

So… when I look at this on the whole… I’m really excited to see where FreshSage will take me… to be able to live my life by using my creativity to help other businesses evolve… having fun along the way… what more could I ask for.

Take a moment… let me know how you incorporate all three components into your business?


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