Young Man with His Hand on His ForeheadWe all know that running a business is stressful… but here are a few quick ways you can remove some of that stress… and give yourself some time to enjoy that glass of champers… instead of burning 15 midnight candles!

1. Being and feeling productive

I feel productive when I create shiny new things… but as my husband likes to remind me… I’m actually more productive to my business when I focus on getting {and keeping} clients… so whilst you may want to focus on the shiny and pretty things (aka Logo’s, business cards, websites and facebook presence} – it is important to have a balance between those things and the things that actually bring in money {calling clients, proposals, invoicing, and actually doing the work}.

Both are important… but when one outweighs the other… It’s instant stress!

2. Keep ahead of the list

Gosh – I’m often ranting about To Do lists… It’s probably because my ToDo lists help me remember WAY more than I would if I tried on my own… but writing out a To Do over and over again… adds uneccesary stress…

Why not go digital… capture into to a task list (like Wunderlist – my saving grace – see post here on how I use it) and don’t forget to add a date/time – so that IT reminds YOU! See… stress removed!

3. Outsource where needed

Similar to the point above – I have realised that I can’t do everything myself… and it really helps to outsource!

If you aren’t ready to take on people… why not look at a digital service to help you… I’ve recently discovered OnePage CRM – which is a fabulous way of keeping track of my customers – and it has removed that feeling of “who needs what next”!!!! It’s kind of like having an assistant remind me to keep in touch with clients… excellent!

So there you have it… three simple changes you can make to running your business more effectively…

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