I’m creeping closer to 40… to be exact [at the time of writing this on a balmy Friday]

… I have 52185600 seconds,

… or 869760 minutes

… or 14496 hours

… 19 months

… or 86 weeks

… and finally  604 days left.

Basically, I have enough time to add a little bit of fun to my life.

So I thought… what are 40 things that I want to do before I turn 40?

And it’s totally doable… If I just did about two things each month… that would get me there!

My list of totally random [and not really work related] things that I want to do for my 40th bucketlist:

1// Capture Aurora Boreolis

2// Enjoy tuscan wine, in a tuscan villa, eating pasta made by a local italianmama

3// Drink starbucks in Seattle

4// Attend a business retreat in an exotic location

5// Run my own business retreat in my home

6// Eat authentic italian gelato in italy

7// Drink a glass of dom perignon

8// Eat something I’ve never eaten before

9// Walk in the high street of New York

10// See a broadway play [in a pretty dress]

11// Buy a new evening dress

12// Take up surfing again

13// Run 5 km with friend

14// Plant lemon tree

15// Have an established herb garden

16// create my “restoration garden”

17// Re-upholster my couch creatively

18// Salvage and repurpose something cool

19// Buy another antique piece

20// Take the strengthsfinder test  

My strengthsfinder test results… have you done yours yet?

21// Be exhibited

22// Create: Do a 100 day sketch/art/creative project

23// Create: Make 12 pieces of art

24// Create: write 19 handwritten notes [one a month]

25// Create: Make a colouring book

26// Read: Big Magic [in progress]

27// Read: 31 days of prayer for the dreamer and doer [to the end this time]

28// Read: Nelson Mandela – long walk to freedom

29// Read: The monk who sold his ferrari

30// Take an art class

31// Take a cooking class

32// Visit a famous art gallery

33// Go to a book signing

34// Join a flash mob

35// See something in a theatre

36// Do something crazy with my hair [short / color]

37// Have another professional photoshoot

38// Learn how to create the perfect smokey eye

39// Own a pair of designer jeans

40// Random acts of kindness for strangers

Full disclosure… I found it harder to come up with these [instead of all the awesome things I want to do, create, and experience in my biz], but I’m looking forward to seeing what happens with this list!

Ok, your turn! What’s on your bucket list?

Do we have any in common???