43 ways to attract your ideal client – without feeling like a sleaze!

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43 ways you can attract you ideal client, especially small business owners who want to find ways to attract their target audience without feeling sleazy.

May 28, 2015


Confession time… the idea of cold calling… literally makes me want to break out in hives.

My husband has always said that my strength is in interacting with people one on one…

but getting to that point where I’m sitting in front of a potential client… was [and sometimes still is] a big stress for me.

So naturally I have read a zillion articles, ebooks, and blog posts on how to find clients [without having to cold call], searching for ANY OTHER WAY to reach clients without having to embark on the dreaded “cold call” #TotesAwks

I’m getting better at as time goes on… connecting with new people feels more easy for me now… but it was a long road to get here [and occasionally I refer back to this list for ideas]!

So if you don’t want to feel like the sleazy sales person,

knocking on people’s doors,

trying to sell them something they don’t want,

begging them to do business with you,

then this article [with 43 ways you can attract your ideal client] is going to feel like an answer to prayer!

Who is your ideal client… your Mrs [or Mr.] Dreamy?

So before I jump into all those options, I wanted to quickly share that finding your ideal client is kinda like dating.

Lying on your couch, hoping that Mrs Dreamy will magically appear… is not going to get you results.

Equally… beating down each door in the neighbourhood, and begging each guy who opens the door… to marry you is also a little too desperate [and equally ineffective].

But… that attractive girl at the centre of the party…

the one who seems to attract ALL the guys, who never has an issue finding a date… we want to be like THAT girl in business!

We aren’t waiting on the couch – hoping that clients will magically appear!

We also aren’t begging and pleading [because clients smell it a mile away].


It’s time to actively DO things that will attract our ideal client

This is my roundup of some of the best strategies I have seen,

which you can use to help you put your best foot forward!

43 ways you can attract you ideal client, especially small business owners who want to find ways to attract their target audience without feeling sleazy.


How to Pursue Mr. or Mrs Dreamy…


1. Stalk them [in a good way] online

Really get to know them – This isn’t just to find out what they like… but also to see how you can help them.

2. Collaborate with others online…

This is a great way to share skills, power, time, effort and all those other great things.

Collaborate with either someone who is established / who has complementary skills / someone who is in a similar niche

3. You could also consider online specials

Online specials and deals can be useful as a form of marketing… just make sure that they are the clients you want to attract [or are you giving freebies away to people who won’t spend money with you down the line?]

4. Give something away online…

When you give something away online… make sure that you create the hype and engagement around it… get people to share, join your list/page, tag, like or comment.

5. Online Training

If you have a website – having online training [which are usually free] or webinars or courses – are all great ways to pursue your client

6. Challenges

Host a fun challenge, or cleanse – something that spans a few days, to give people an opportunity to get to know you.

In person:

7. Tap into your Family and Friends

When people ask you what you are doing nowadays / how are things going… are you sharing your passion, examples of projects… how do you bring what you do alive? Think conversational vs sales pitch [check out No.1 on Regina’s list for more on this topic!]

8. Find them where they are [in the real world]

Why note interact with them in person… like a seminar, or info sharing session with members of your community

9. Share your knowledge

by offering training sessions to expose people to your area of knowledge

10. Love the clients you have… spoil them with Gifts!

Give them a gift to remember you by [baker who wants to get a corporate deal – then drop off a sweet treat with a note] or if you don’t make a product, get creative with your gifts [someone once dropped off an barbie arm… because she was prepared to give an arm to meet the client… I went for a little fresh sage plant as my gift].

I also really loved these suggestions [see No. 9 on Erika’s list] to help you name drop in a fun way!

You can also give products… samples of products,

11. Collaborate in your niche

Look for opportunities in the real world to collaborate with others who share your niche [like how the creamery collaborated with Saszli Chocolates]

12. Connect via your connections 😉

Do your clients have a similar connection to you [think: moms club, wine club – I mean… book club, or maybe volunteer spaces]

13. Give your time

Have an exploratory session, or you could give away a free session of your services, or you can do some pro bono work

14. Do a search for your expertise…

If someone’s already looking for people just like you… maybe you can help out.


15. Send a warm email [vs a cold call]

Introduce yourself to your ideal client, with a warm personality filled email [not one of those: I’m Emma, and I have this product to shove in your face type email] – These incredible scripts [from the uber talented Alexandra Franzen] – will surely help you!

16. Get them on your list

Appeal to your email list… give them great stuff… keep them coming for more

17. Try a catchy email heading

Email headings are people’s first filter… they will use it to judge whether to open now… or ignore till later, by using a catchy subject line – you’ll make sure that they open your email.

Go old School:

18. Send a personal note…

Think… paper and pen… or postcard, and use it to make a connection – old schools style

19. Do some old fashioned advertising

Do some old faschioned advertising… whether it’s in magazines, newspapers, websites, blogs, Facebook, google, gumtree [or craigslist].

20. Past Clients maybe?

Make contact with past clients that you enjoyed working with… and see how they are doing, let them know what you’ve been working on lately, or if you’ve refreshed your website, business concept, or products… share it with them.

21. Try creating old school marketing collateral with a funky twist…

Beautifully designed postcards, fun business cards, interesting notes, invitations to events, or discount vouchers for special past clients


How to Attract Mr. or Mrs Dreamy…


22. Give a Free gift that they can’t resist

Whether it’s a product, service, or a gift that compliments your offering…

23. Give away a lot of valuable content.

If someone asks you a question, why not cover the answer in a post on your site… if you’re answering your ideal clients questions… the chances are that there are more ideal clients searching for exactly the same thing!

24. Make sharing easy

Make sure that you make it easy for clients to share all the awesome valuable stuff you’re creating

Get yourself on other blogs or sites… guest post [Here is a resource to get you started], get interviewed, or give content away.

25. Help them decide if you are a good choice for them

Make sure that you clearly outline how people can work with you – whether your “work with me” page is clear, or whether you have a great PDF of your services – that you can share with others

26. Include testimonials

People are reassured when they buy from those who have good results with others

27. Share the newness

Have you told your clients about your new services or business direction in your blog post?

Think more in person options…

28. Look for spaces where your niche hang out…

Meet-up is a great place to check out, otherwise get involved in the happenings within your community.

29. Any conferences you’ve been wanting to attend?

Conferences are a great way to get to meet people outside of your traditional circles. Don’t only go to conferences that are designed for the work you do, but also conferences where your clients will be going.

30. Online forums, groups and communities

These are all great ways to hang out with your ideal client. Spend time getting to know and connect with clients or answer their questions [don’t just pitch and hand out your business card, yuk]

31. Have you thought of a press release?

Use a press release to share news about your company… if you’re wondering how to write one, take a look at this [thanks Melissa!!!]

32. Sponsor others

By sponsoring another blog [people who talk to your audience as well] your branding will get in their faces.

33. Sponsor events

Sponsor events that would interest your clients, an excellent way to position yourself

34. Throw a party…

Celebrations are always great fun, and a great way to launch your thing!

Going online:

35. Get social online

Create social media accounts where you know your clients will be.

36. Update all your social media profiles…

Not only will it help you send a consistent message, but when you make updates… people will see your interactions.

37. Search those social media accounts

If you are a writer – search for influential writers, publishing houses, and other people talking about your world [hashtags are a great start]… share valuable info and then interact with them.

38. Twitter Chats

These are a new way to interact… people congregate and chat about topics that are of interest to them, and are a great way to find like minded people… find one that appeals to you by typing in the following:

39. Facebook Groups

Search for groups who have a similar interest to you… and then [very important]… don’t pitch your stuff – rather interact in the group, share valuable content with your community [add to the conversation, don’t p*ss on someone else’s parade]

40. Share some behind the scenes…

People love seeing what life is like behind the brand… Share your office space, insights into business life, products you’re creating, people you’re working with, spaces you’ve visited

41. Engage with them

Engage clients through questions, quotes, and insights, opinions on popular stories

42. Share what others are doing…

By sharing their content, things they’re doing well, things that have impacted you…

43. Crowdfund a cause.

Have a cause you feel strongly about? or have a great idea for people to share in it with you… why not enlist the help of friends and family to help you spread the word.

Share which of these options have had the biggest impact for you… or if you have other incredible suggestions, I’d love to hear them!


Ps… I have a little gift for you!


On the other side of this sign up… is a checklist JUST for you… to work through your 43 ways to pursue and attract your ideal client.


Plus… if you’re struggling to figure out what your AwesomeSauce is… there is a little video training in the giftbox.


About the Author

Emma is the Chief Coffee Drinker here at FreshSage. With over a decade in branding + another decade in corporate business - she's always balancing the creative with business strategy + goals. She believes everyone has a purpose + calling, and secretly loves helping her clients find theirs. When she's not building brand experiences, she's spending time with her High-school sweetheart + kidlet, tinkering in her veg garden, painting an abstract, and enjoying vino with friends.

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