Our online Brand evolves over time.

We may have started on one social media space [usually the Facebook Page]… but as things develop, often times we find that we’re all over the web.

In the time it took us to spread our message all over social media – like little sprinklings of decadent ice-cream toppings… more often than not – we have also been fine tuning our business message.

What I’ve noticed happen with some entrepreneurs [myself included], is that when clients happen to stumble across our brand – and check us out on social media – They see that in one space we portray that we are chocolate sprinkles, but then on another platform we may look like fudge nuggets, and in yet another space… we’re all sorts of colours of smarties!

This leaves our clients very confused.

They find themselves wondering “what kind of business is this… exactly???

It also makes your brand harder to trust!

So every once in a while, we need to scour through all the spaces we play in… and give our brand a little refresh!

There are also things that we can do, that will freshen up the way others “see” our brand.

The Brand Refresh List

Consider this your comprehensive list of things you should watch out for when cleaning up your brand… and other things you can DO to refresh your brand and appeal out there in the world!


Your Website:

Questions to consider when looking at your website through your clients eyes:

  • Does it really represent your business?
  • Are all the aspects of YOU + What you do, coming through effectively in your brand?

Some aspects to clean up:

  • Home Page – Are you clear about who you are, what you do for your clients, and have you covered the WIFM factor [what’s in it for me]
  • About Page – Your about page is for them to get to know you better, but don’t make it a CV… think about what they really want to know, and let them get to know the people behind the brand
  • Work with me page – Are you telling your clients how they can work with you?
  • Blog – Check look and feel first… are you brand elements creating a clear message? Then check the actual message + Things you’re posting… if you were your client, would this blog be useful to them?
  • Contact Page – are you giving them a clear way to contact you?



  • Update your profile image [if you’re a service biz – have your “mug” visible… a product… try include your product with the logo]
  • Update your one-line [weave your purpose into it]
  • Share a BTS [Behind the Scenes] image of you / your team in action
  • Share a pic of your product / service in the making
  • Share a Pic of a happy client
  • Share a testimonial

Facebook Groups:

  • Go and help someone else [no linking… just helping others]
  • Show interest in someone else’s business [especially when they’re looking for help in your area of speciality]
  • Don’t promote yourself… it’s icky and spammy [been there, done that, and the T-shirt didn’t fit right] – only promo on promo threads.


  • Update your profile image
  • Update your Bio
  • Update your Boards – Make them “Brand Right”
  • Get yourself set up as a smart pinner
  • Delete old pins that don’t reflect the brand
  • Creating meaningful boards for your customer – stuff they will want to repin
  • Make sure your images have great descriptions – Go and clean up one board today [rinse + repeat for all the others]
  • Board with less than 10 pins… pin more, or delete!


Remember… when it comes to instagram, it’s not the right place to punt product after product… people want to get to know YOU and the brand a little bit better.

  • Update your profile image
  • Update your Bio
  • Share a BTS [Behind the Scenes] image of you / your team in action
  • Share a pic of your product / service in the making
  • Share a Pic of a happy client
  • Share a testimonial

Bonus Tip: Incorporate your Tone of voice, your message, and your colours into your imagery


  • Update your profile image
  • Update your cover image
  • Update your Bio
  • Share links from other peeps – of great stuff that would help your clients [positioning you as the expert]
  • occasionally share your posts [80% others posts, 20% yours]
  • Share a BTS [Behind the Scenes] image of you / your team in action
  • Share a pic of your product / service in the making
  • Share a Pic of a happy client
  • Share a testimonial

Your Stationery:

You need to clean up your stationery… make sure that your brand is really reflected in each of the elements… don’t just think about colours, fonts and imagery… but also think about your message, who your client is, and how you want them to feel.

When thinking about your brand, is your Brand’s personality and message sprinkled through everything you create?

And no, I’m not talking about your tagline, I’m talking about the essence of what you’re trying to portray – If quality is your underlying message – then printing on poor quality paper sends the opposite message.

Some of the stationery you need to consider:

  • Business Cards
  • Email footer
  • Proposal Doc
  • Quotes
  • Invoices
  • Other Collateral [like banners, leaflets/handouts]


Other ways you can refresh your Brand in the REAL world:

[it’s about building relationships FIRST though]

  • Tell someone you know [you know – your peeps – family member/friend/ex work colleague/long lost Facebook pal] – about what you do [people can’t tell others, if they don’t understand what it is you do] – but more importantly… share your passion about what you do!
  • Go have coffee with a biz friend… connect with others… find out what they do – who knows what connections will come down the line!
  • Ask your peeps [family member/friend/ex work colleague/long lost Facebook pal] to share your offering with their peeps
  • Go to a networking event… and test your one-liner out on these new peeps!
  • Give your current clients a little gift of thanks – because people love gifts, and it’s a great way to re-inforce what your brand experience is about!
  • Touch base with old clients – and see how they are doing… connect in a way that’s in line with your branding
  • Connect with prospects that you sent proposals to.
  • Send your email list an update – it’s great to occasionally share how they can work with you, or the spaces you have available

Here’s to a refreshing brand!

Any other refreshing items you’d like to add to the list?


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