A Brand Strategists Deep Dive into User Trends [AI Insights]

FreshSage Brand Strategist takes a closer look at user trends on Ai: What themes are emerging + the kinds of questions being asked of ChatGPT

Nov 16, 2023


The Rise of AI in User Interactions

Ai is the hot topic for many people right now. The truth is, we’ve all been using ai [long before ChatGPT was a thing]. We just didn’t realise it [or maybe we didn’t want to realise it].

How else do you think they managed to:

    • Give us predictive text + autocorrect on our phones?
    • Sort through your emails + filter out Spam?
    • Provide shopping recommendations browsing or shopping history?

But when the ChatGPT can of worms was opened, it felt like something had changed.

Like it was no longer “contained”. The fear is real… will ai take over the world? Take over our jobs? Take us out of existence?

Time will definitely tell, part of me wonders if this was how the world felt when machinery was introduced…

There are some really interesting discussions about ai 👈 this one was particularly interesting [and user friendly] for me.

Either way – I can’t see ai being taken away any time soon [especially now that Microsoft is in bed with chat GPT]… so I thought I’d have a little chat with Charlie [my name for ChatGPT] to see how people are interacting with ai.

This is what I uncovered.


What are the underlying themes that people are asking about on ChatGPT?

Here are the top 8 areas people are asking questions about on the platform:

  1. General Information: Questions seeking information on a wide range of topics.
  2. Advice and Recommendations: Seeking guidance on personal, professional, or educational matters.
  3. Creativity and Ideas: Requests for generating creative content, ideas, or solutions.
  4. Technology and Science: Queries related to advancements, troubleshooting, or understanding concepts.
  5. Language and Writing: Assistance with language, writing, and grammar-related questions.
  6. Entertainment and Pop Culture: Discussions around movies, books, music, and current trends.
  7. Problem Solving: Seeking solutions to specific problems or challenges.
  8. Learning and Education: Queries about learning new skills, educational advice, or resources.

Naturally I gravitated to the business side of things, I really wanted to understand how people were utilising ChatGPT.

So I asked Charlie to pull back the kimono + share some insider info with us… 


How are people using ChatGPT for business? 

  1. Entrepreneurship: Inquiries about starting and managing businesses.
  2. Marketing and Strategy: Seeking advice on marketing techniques, business strategies, and market analysis.
  3. Finance and Investment: Questions related to financial management, investment options, and economic trends.
  4. Career Development: Queries about advancing in a career, professional growth, and job-related advice.
  5. Technology in Business: Discussions on leveraging technology for business efficiency and innovation.
  6. Legal and Regulatory Matters: Inquiries about business laws, regulations, and compliance.
  7. Management and Leadership: Seeking guidance on effective leadership, team management, and organizational development.

So if we look at it – at face value – there is a lot of entrepreneurial questions related to starting and growing a business [and dealing with the complexities along the way].

I wonder if its because people like the fact that Charlie is answering their questions – without all the “noise” of a Google. Although – there is often questions around validity + sources of information.

It seems that the large majority are asking questions related to Marketing and Strategy.

Is that because most of us Marketers jumped onto the Ai bandwagon and furiously started searching? or is it because it’s a topic that many need help with? What do you think?


What did the 15% ask Ai about Entrepreneurship?

Key topics included:

1. Startup Guidance
2. Business Planning
3. Funding and Finance
4. Marketing and Branding
5. Customer Acquisition
6. Scaling and Growth
7. Challenges and Obstacles

When individuals ask about entrepreneurship, their inquiries often revolve around various aspects of starting, managing, and growing a business.


Questions like:

“How do I turn my passion into a viable business? What are the initial steps to take?”

“What are some creative ways to secure funding for a small business without relying solely on traditional loans?”

“My business is gaining traction. How do I scale it effectively without losing the essence of what makes it unique?”

What’s my takeaway?

It almost seems as though Charlie is being used as a bit of a mentor / coach, answering many questions around strategy, plans, and tactics. I’m also intrigued by their experience of the solutions Charlie has given them. My experience thusfar has been that Charlie’s answers are rather generic [unless ninja prompts are being used], and that they lack the human emotion element [naturally]… but perhaps the initial starting point is what these entrepreneurs need to get the ball rolling, we get it!

What did the 20% ask Ai about Marketing + Strategy?

Key topics included:

1. Effective Strategies
2. Digital Marketing Challenges
3. Budgeting and ROI
4. Brand Positioning
5. Competitive Analysis
6. Content Creation
7. Adapting to Trends

When individuals ask about entrepreneurship, their inquiries often revolve around various aspects of starting, managing, and growing a business.


Questions like:

“Navigating the digital landscape seems overwhelming. How can I effectively use social media, SEO, and online advertising to promote my business?”

“Our brand seems to be blending in with competitors. How can we enhance our brand’s identity and position ourselves uniquely in the market?”

“The marketing landscape is evolving rapidly. What are the current trends, and how can I adapt my marketing strategies to stay relevant and competitive?”

What’s my takeaway?

Again, Charlie is being sought out to strategise + guide businesses through the marketing jungle… They are looking for practical solutions to real world problems + stay ahead of trends – which is showing me that they are trying to understand the complexity of the [ever changing] digital landscape. Either that… or all the marketing people are using it to get a starting point + get rid of the “blank page”.

Because let’s be real, at this stage Charlies outputs still need a large amount of human input to be really impactful [even with really great prompting].

Why they seek information from Ai? I asked Charlie for his thoughts:

Users likely turned to ChatGPT for marketing advice for several reasons:

  • Accessibility and Convenience:
  • Diverse Expertise
  • No-Cost Resource
  • Quick Responses
  • Anonymity and Non-Judgmental
  • Environment
  • Broad Spectrum of Topics
  • Continuous Availability

What were the common threads across the business related questions?

Charlie and I were chatting about the insights we picked up across all the themes of all the business related questions… and it became evident that

  • People are uncertain as to the current and future landscape [and are looking for ways to navigate it all and adapt],
  • They are searching for ways to innovate, reach new markets + achieve success [and they are hoping Ai will give them the answers],
  • There is a need to optimise ones resources, and develop a competitive edge. 

What does that mean for you?

In short, it seems that survival is strongly linked to how digitaly fit you are.

There is a huge fear as to how these tools will take over.

And yes, we really have no idea as to how things are about to shift in this “Age of Ai”.

But the wave is hear, and we need to haul out our digital surfboards + ride the wave [scuse the shitty analogy – but you hopefully get what I mean].

In the interim, the best thing you can do for your business, is to utilise these tools to help your business.  Get better at prompting, and asking the right questions, so that you get information that you can work with. Be cautious as to the information you use [there are huge fears regarding plagiarism + copyright legalities].

How will you use Ai to grow your business?


How can FreshSage Help?

Once you’ve tried and tested a few Ai strategies, you’ll quickly realise that it’s just a starting point that has either given you too many ideas [and now you’re even more confused], or it’s taken you around the same bush 5 times [and you’re still not sure it answered your question effectively].

Chat to us about about how we can work on a clear roadmap and strategy – that will get you to where you want to go.

About the Author

Emma is the Chief Coffee Drinker here at FreshSage. With over a decade in branding + another decade in corporate business - she's always balancing the creative with business strategy + goals. She believes everyone has a purpose + calling, and secretly loves helping her clients find theirs. When she's not building brand experiences, she's spending time with her High-school sweetheart + kidlet, tinkering in her veg garden, painting an abstract, and enjoying vino with friends.

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