I remember feeling mesmerised.

I used to love listening to your stories.

As a young girl, you’d often share stories with me, sometimes they were from books, occasionally they were made up, and often times they were just about some random happenings from your day.

I loved your stories.

Later on in life, I started noticing how others were also captivated by your stories. From simple stories about summers with preggy bellies, bikinis, and some BFF’s by the pool… to stories about how we were changing your world [oh the stories you could tell!].  

I love how stories have always been an integral part of who you are.

Whilst others were taken by your stories, I remembered wishing I had the ability to tell stories the way that you do.

As I sip on my coffee now, I’m reflecting on how stories have continued to weave throughout my life. From the stories that shaped my spiritual beliefs, to the stories that taught me so many life lessons, and the stories that I started forming for myself.

I love that I get to share stories with you, and I’m even more thankful that you have taught me the power that stories have.

Stories have an amazing power to:

  • captivate and entertain
  • to inspire,
  • to educate,
  • to shift beliefs,
  • to change views,
  • to guide, and
  • to communicate value.

One of the most powerful stories I have discovered….

Is the story we tell ourselves.

I remember the conversation we had the first time it dawned on me that our thoughts – impact beliefs – impact how we act and the ultimate end result… and that if we want a different end result, we need to start with our thoughts and beliefs!

Mom, seeing you shift your own internal stories has been so inspiring.

By changing your internal stories, you were able to be brave and take on new things [like studying late in life, moving cities, rediscovering love], and you inspire me to do the same!

I contemplated whether I should share this story on the blog, but I just had a feeling that someone needed to know that their story also has power.

They needed to know that their past story shaped where they are today.  

They need to know that their personal story has a valuable role to play in their business story,

They need to know that it’s part of what makes them unique.

They also need to know that by taking brave actions, they too can shift where they take their business next.

They have the power to shift what their future story will be.

I wanted them to know that by shifting their stories, they can show their child that anything is possible.

For a while I’ve wondered what my legacy will be,

and I think that sharing the power of stories with my son [and the power it has in our lives],

is going to be a powerful gift I can pass along to him!

So Mom, thank you for giving me the gift of stories.

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