We are a small [but connected] team of problem solvers.

Who love solving business challenges through design,

caffeine, and some out the box thinking.

the core team…

Plus we work with a variety of specialists to ensure you create a cohesive brand experience.

FreshSage Brand agency was started in 2013.

Back when Katy Perry’s “Roar” was a big hit [and vine was still a thing].

Emma Weise [founder + owner] knew that she was called to something beyond the 2 decades in Corporate Retail.

During yet another Management Meeting – she contemplated ways that she could challenge her strategic, analytical + creative brain in a different way. It was time for a new challenge.

In almost a decade – The FreshSage team have worked across the board… on both internal + external brands [for large corporates + small one person businesses] – and as a team we are happiest when we partner with clients + use creativity to achieve business goals.

“A brand is a promise of an experience” – Alexander Isley

So the “brand experience” is the end result of how you chose to deliver on those promises


We know that your brand experience is

something that develops over time.

The brand experience is created in layers, and it evolves with your business.

You have the ability to design the kind of experience you want your clients to have.

We are big on building up a consistent brand experience across every platform.

You want to own your market? 

You need a consistent brand experience.

As we work through these layers… we are able to help you create that consistent experience [one that’s designed to help you reach your business goals].


  • Brand foundation
  • Brand strategy
  • Brand identity
  • Brand Collateral (stationary, decks & docs, emailer, signage etc)
  • Online brand (socials & web)
  • Internal brand (staff, culture, comms)

We believe in a 


To really stand out – you need to uniquely position your business – how we do that at freshsage:

// We are real [and real with you – sorry – no “agency song and dance” here] – you’re going to get an authentic + warm team to interact with. Part of having your back, is that we will be real when something isn’t working.

// We like things fresh – and love creatively solving your problem with fun, fresh ideas.

// We build Experiences – Our approach is very holistic + it really has to be aligned to your business goals.


We believe in finding the right person to tackle the task.

In working with you to build up that brand experience, we may come up with some pretty cool ideas along the way.

Cool ideas need to be implemented by people who know what they are doing…

Whether it’s an animated advert, or turning your staff into the rockstars of a music video, or building that website…

We will bring in the right person to bring that idea to life.

We have been a remote agency from it’s inception.

[well, we tried office space, but it just didn’t make sense – because we were hardly there].

We don’t feel that having office means you’ll get the job done any better… instead – we put our energy into finding the right person who can work from wherever.

The Story behind our name…

FreshSage actually has nothing to do with the fact that Emma enjoys veggie gardening [something she discovered in the last 5 years]… actually… the name is rooted a lot closer to home.

Back in 2013, building a personal brand around your name [i.e. MarieForleo.com or NeilPatel.com] was a newly emerging trend.  Whilst the idea of a self named business was intriguing, Emma knew her [difficult to spell] name wasn’t going to work.

So the hunt began for something that was both linked to her name + what the agency was all about:

Creative Strategic Thinking

[Clients call it the “Emma Magic”].

The idea of providing “sage advice” is where it started…

get it “weise” or “wise” = “sage advice” [see what she did there???]

But “sage” on it’s own didn’t work for what the business wanted to do. 

[anyway – the accountants got to it first]

So in the search for the perfect word to depict the creative focus [and 200 word combinations later].

…”FreshSage” was born

FreshSage Brand Agency is based in East London, South Africa – But we operate globally.

Some of our work…