Using creativity to inspire change…



…in a way that attracts [and engages] the right team

[whilst building culture]

I’m Emma Weise,

Founder [and Head Creative] at FreshSage.

How FreshSage started?

As someone who grew up in a corporate HR role… I became increasingly aware that the bulk of employees were not engaged.


That’s the percentage of employees [that studies have shown] are not engaged in business.


Imagine if you could change that Stat…


Imagine a world where…

… where the team buy into where you want to go.

… your staff are engaged, and working towards achieving your overall company vision.

… where you communicate values in a fresh way – to build the culture you’ve dreamed of.

… where you engage your new starters… so that they get up and running quickly.



That’s where FreshSage comes in.


I believe that…

Creativity is a catalyst for change

I also agree with Albert Einstein, who said… Insanity is doing the same thing over, and expecting a different result

What results are you getting?

If we want to create a world where employees are engaged… working [productively] together to achieve the company vision [the organisation you are dreaming of creating]… then by using creativity [think facilitation, video, photography, and design] we can create that change – in an engaging way. Think of creativity [and FreshSage] as your secret weapon.

What is it like to work with us?

1. Connect

You may have a need.

But we want to also really connect with you… to understand:

  • your Dreams,
  • The needs you’re seeing,
  • your concerns,
  • and the goals you have for your business.

We also need to connect with you to make sure that we are a match for your business.

If we’re a match… After the meeting, we will work through ideas, and create a proposal for you… once this gets your ok, we will move into the project with you… Concept.

2. Concept

Now that we’re a match… it’s time to conceptualise the way forward.

To make sure that our solution matches your need:

  • FreshThinkers are tapped into [we call on a few experts to help design the best way forward for you],
  • ideas are thrashed out,
  • the toolbox is reviewed to see how we can create something awesome for you,
  • and a way forward is designed.

3. Create

We then dip into our creative toolbox, and set about creating something fresh for you.

This could be:

  • Stories are told [Tell your company story, your people stories, and transformative stories]
  • Internal Material [From capturing your corporate essence [in images] to developing induction material to the branding of internal communication, and creation of invites, cards, posters, etc.]
  • Processes are outlined [We tap you brain… and extract all the information in your head, turning them into processes – or info graphics – and books/manuals]
  • Employees are engaged [Branding your EVP, integrating your values, and working with you to shift your culture.]


4. Clarity

Why we do all of this?

Because we want you to also live in a world where you:

  • have clear messaging [Lets get everyone on the same page]
  • have engaged people [who will be more effective, and improve your bottom line]
  • are Positioned for impact [and ready to take on the next level of business]
  • experience the joys of Accountability [everyone knows what they need to do when]


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