I’m Emma Weise

A fresh thinking Brand Strategist, lover of coffee, beauty + quality [like well packaged gin bottles, artisinal ice-cream, and pretty stationery]

– who loves making a global impact – whilst living the country life in South Africa.

I’m also the owner of FreshSage.


The first question I’m asked is…”Why FreshSage?

When I started exploring a name for my business,

it was when personal brands were still emerging.

Whilst I liked the idea of the personal brand, 

I knew I wanted a name that was separate enough from me,

in case I decided to sell it up one day

[and retire on an island drinking G+T’s as I watch the sun go down]. 

I also wanted my name to reflect me,

and what I do

[because, after all…my business is essentially based on my thinking and skills].

Besides loving the color sage, with my surname meaning “wise

– the “sage advice” concept fitted in quite well with my personality.

But I’m not a boring, or stuff, or dated…

so it needed to feel more creative… more fresh!

Et Voila! FreshSage was born!

I was called to make

a big impact

but after working my way up the corporate ladder, being on an exec team,

and looking around at “what next”,  I knew that this was a dream job

…for someone else.

it was time

for something fresh!

I knew that I wanted something more in life.

and if you think that this is the part in my story where I tell you I went on my own

and created a 10 figure business from minute one… you’re wrong!

My journey is a beautiful mess

with many twists.

I had to find my confidence first. I had to find “me”.

So my journey is filled with a few flopped recipes

[like the time I thought that doing the same thing I did in corporate

– would be a great + really safe business model], many recipe tweaks

[each time discovering a new special ingredient to add to my pantry]…

from business strategy, to internal branding 

[and all the creative work behind it], to finally discovering external branding

plenty and plenty of hours of research, a few drops of tears

many bunches of courage.

and after all of that

I discovered my blend of awesome.

I adore seeing women confidently step into their purpose!

so I created a brand agency, that delves deep + extracts the essence of the CEO, blending it mindfully into the brand they are sharing with the world.

so who is emma?

here are some quick + tasty nuggets to sum up who I am…

I am… a wife to my high school sweetheart,

and a mom to Nathan [affectionately referred to as kidlet],

and we are all living the country life in South Africa with our previously feral [now super tame] cat.

When I’m not helping others as a brand strategist, I’m also busy working to rebrand our town [and sit on the local tourism board] and I run a bnb with hubby.

Helping women find their confidence. Low self-esteem, mindset, and the mind behind the person fascinate me!

Finding beauty in the ordinary + using my creativity to solve problems + exploring all the talents God gave me!

Finding balance, getting back to slow living + cooking things from scratch.

Courageous entrepreneurship – and what it takes to build a successful business with heart.

clean design that is balanced and warmed with texture… The color sage blue [and neutrals and lots of grey] 

Ccoooofffeeee!!!! and real conversations + writing or sharing my thoughts and ideas.

Good quality products… like wine, bubbles, chocolate, ice-cream [did I mention coffee??]

I’m resourceful… so much so, that I organised my mom’s engagement diamonds for her!

I claim that my good “eye” comes from my creative family and french mauritian heritage [oh, and I only spoke french till I was 3, then I learnt english].

I have lived in a variety of town + city sizes… and have easily moved over 20 times in my life [coping with change… anyone?]




real [relatable]



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