In my last post, I spoke about why we all need to own our part in making the Business Strategy come true… and understanding my role in ownership is critical, but accountability is a whole other ball game!

Take what happened to Jack the other day…
“Jacks supplier had to submit a tender, and needed some details from Jack… the job was a big one, and everyone in the office knew that we needed to get the info through…
Ownership was there, because the team had bought into the fact that this was in line with the business strategy… but in terms of who needed to do it… they all assumed the “boss” would do it… after all, it’s a pretty important job.
Jack on the other hand, thought that he’d been clear about what info he was needing to submit… and was expecting the team to pull the info for him.
The day before D-Day… It dawned on Jack that the team hadn’t done the work! Which left him scurrying around to find the info and extending delivery date… because of this – he felt like he’d submitted a half-arsed job, and wasn’t surprised that he didn’t get the job when the tender eventually came through.”

Whilst the above is only story… The truth is that this kind of thing happens all the time! When we don’t clearly state who is accountable for what… assumptions are usually made… and assumptions can have really serious impact on the business… like in Jack’s story above!

In my Strategy sessions, I spend time noting who is accountable for what… and it’s not so that Jack can check up on the team… but more for Jill, so that she knows what is her baby… and ultimately, she can see the direct impact she is making on the overall business… pretty awesome!

Do your team know and understand the concept of accountability?
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To an accountable week…

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