She sent an urgent message…

“Can someone help me with my Ebook???”

It’s something I hear time and time again from my #BizBFF’s.

I haveĀ ideas.

But how do they get from idea… to an executed [and pretty] ebook???

“I want to create an ebook – but I have no bloody clue what I should put into it, let alone how to make it pretty!

I’m lost!!! and need some BFF help!”




I get what it’s like to have all these gorgeous ideas… and then once you captured it in your notebook… your think FARK… how the heck do I execute this… doesn’t someone have a little shortcut for me?

Before you find yourself in a panicked state of overwhelm…

Let me take you on a journey to help you create your gorgeous ebook…


It’s a little treat I put together to help you tell your story

Chapter 1: We explore your decadent why

Chapter 2: I give you some tips to whip up that decadent story

Chapter 3: We talk about adding your flavour


You want it?

Of course you do… after all, this little cocktail snack is on me [yes… FREE!!!]

All you need to do, is to complete the details below sweetie – and I will send you all the information šŸ˜‰


Get the 3 Steps to create your eBook

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Now… Once you have the content worked out…

You’re going to want to make it pretty!

Some tips on bringing your gorgeous ebook to life:

  • Think about the colours you’re going to use [will they attract your ideal client?]
  • Are you making it easy to read [does it look aesthetically pleasing?]
  • Is your brand shining through – in a beautiful way?


Share what ebook you’re creating in the comment below!



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