Before you walk into a restaurant, or coffee shop, you have a sense of the space.

Hubby and I were on our way to work, when he said:

“Let’s grab a coffee from this new coffee shop I spotted in town”

We were driving past.

I needed coffee.

It was a no-brainer.

But when we got into the centre of town, where things were bustling, where parking was limited… I almost got cold feet.

Thankfully hubby is a skilled driver, and managed to squeeze our car into a parking spot.

They hadn’t “officially” opened yet, but they’d set up their gorgeous coffee machine with a hatch to the sidewalk, and I found myself in a que with a bunch of super trendy Cape Tonians, all waiting for their caffeine fix!

Whilst I was waiting to place my order, I was struck by how cosmopolitan it felt.

It felt like I’d been transported to a bustling street in New York.

Hanging out with the hip and happening hustlers of the world, gearing themselves up for a day of awesomeness!

The guys who served us were different.

Dressed up in “old world” clothes, they were full of charm and vibe… and the whole experience was so different to the usual coffee shop we’d become accustomed to.

The coffee itself was incredible.

It was my first taste of Truth.

And it wasn’t my last.

Whilst we didn’t go into town often enough, Truth was a stop I looked forward to.

I craved the entire experience.

Yes, they served great coffee, but it was more than that… maybe I enjoyed the funky steam punk vibe, the part industrial feel with the 40 year old roaster as my backdrop, or maybe it was meeting all the interesting people who came for their fix of truth!

and Truth, is PACKED with it!

But what does a coffee shop have to do with my coaching business?


Let’s talk about the experience you give your clients for a sec!

Similarly, before your potential client interacts with you, they are absorbing the experience you create for them.

You may not have a brick and mortar store.

You probably don’t have staff you can dress up in the steam punk vibe.

And if you’re a servicepreneur – you probably aren’t serving coffee.

But you are Serving!

Your Service based business… is all about the experience!

What kind of experience are you creating for your clients?

Do your Clients crave what you provide?

Are you attracting the right people to you?

Wanting to attract even more decadent clients?

I noticed  several mistakes that my BizBFF’s make when they try and attract dreamy clients, and so I whipped together this gorgeous ebook filled with 7 ways they are turning away clients, and the matching recipes to help them attract clients they crave!

And I’m sharing it with you too!

Download my 7 Recipes to attract clients you crave!

See you on the other side!


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