Are you creating a Biz Brand you LOVE?

I see soo many gorgeous, talented, and wonderful women who are frustrated by the lack of brand clarity, that leaves them…

  • Feeling foggy about their Biz direction or message
  • Like they are too generic [kinda like “fake vanilla”] and a little bland
  • They aren’t attracting the right clients
  • feeling like it’s hard to put themselves “out there” in a way that feels aligned + Authentic.



Tuesday 23rd February

10am Cape Town

7pm Australia

3am EST

12am PST



What I'm covering...

  • Why you should get Saucy
  • What’s in your AwesomeSauce
  • Sharing AwesomeSauce with the world

I’m Emma, Your Host!

And I love helping peeps like you bring their dream to life!

First 50 Seats Live

So make sure you grab yours!!!

Did I mention that I will also be giving some treats away [and not just the tasty nuggets]

What you will learn in the FreshSesh:

Why you should get Saucy!

Work + Flavour

Why your AwesomeSauce makes such a difference to your Biz and your Sales!

What’s in your AwesomeSauce?

I’ll show you how you can define your own AwesomeSauce

Sharing the AwesomeSauce

We’ll look at the importance of bringing your AwesomeSauce to life – and how you can be consistent, feel Authentic, and attract the right clients

I believe we all have something we were called to do.

And I love that I get to work with women as they develop a biz they love…

One that not only helps them look great, but a brand that has swirls of their AwesomeSauce – is self-saucing chocolate pudding kinda tasty – in a way that attracts the right clients, so that they can make their brand of difference in the world.

Cant wait to see you there…


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