to make an impact online…

means we need to bake you something bespoke!

grabbing the key ingredients that make up your heart + essence

we’ll bake it into your brand, so that you’re temptingly delicious and attractive to your dreamy clients 

What goes into creating a bespoke brand…

… just for you?

Your bespoke brand will be tailored around your unique needs.

But each brand starts off with the deluxe brand process,

so take a look below to see what you’ll get as part of my deluxe package:

phase 1 //


strategy + Concept


01 // Focus, Clarity + direction

end result: Your Brand positioning

Clarity and concepts will be captured in your Brand Direction Document [as part of phase 3]

02 // moodboard

end result: Moodboard / brand story

Empathy Moodboards will guild the brand direction, and capture the feeling/emotion of the brand.

03 // brand direction

end result: brand direction on stylescape 

The stylescape document will be a visual summary of your brand direction, capturing your clarity + focus + direction + strategy all in one document.

PHASE 2 // production 

04 // finalise brand elements

end result: Brand Elements

// Color Palette

// Brand Fonts

// Patterns 

// Textures

// Brand Imagery

// Logo + Submarks 


PHASE 3 // implementation

05 // social templates

end result: social templates to get you visible

 bespoke brand package starts at $5500


 06 // brand collateral to create a bespoke package:


Other elements that my clients have used to create their bespoke brand:


// Print elements: Print Pack [Business Card, Letterhead, Stickers], thank you cards, giftbox design.

// Document templates: ebook, Opt-in, Media Kit, Pricelist, Quotes, invoices

// Infographics: Process outlines, Infographics on business concepts, manifestos

//  Website: Web strategy[Overall flow + design], Brand communication to web developer, Header design + layout, opt-in design, web elements [buttons, social icons, bars]

// Brand messaging: Copy, Content themes, verbiage, word bank

// Course Content: Module headers, Lesson thumbnails, youtube thumbnails

// Way finding: Pop up Banners, signage, interior concepts

Here are some examples of

the latest decadent brands I’ve been whipping up:


Let’s chat about what you need to create your bespoke brand:

Let’s book in a 15 minute chat to see if we are a great fit [as I only take on a limited number of clients each month]:

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