Why go at this entrepreneurial thing alone?

When a room full of  girlfriends are waiting to connect!

It feels like a group of Biz Besties,

Connecting with Emma at the local coffee shop.


[except it’s online, and sometimes we are in our Pj’s]

and in between latte’s, and custard filled croissants, we chat about Business.


From how to attract clients, to creating the right offers, and how to create a  brand experience that rocks!


With Emma spilling her tips, secrets, advice and how to’s… which she keeps JUST for you [and the other besties in the group]!

Why this  mastermind is right for you?

A Place to ask Questions

A safe space to ask ALL those silly questions you’re too scared to ask elsewhere

Where you can connect with Biz BFF's

Business friends who “get” what you’re going through.

Get support and encouragement

Because it always helps to have a sounding board, and someone to ask advice.

Find accountability to stay on track

where you can share your goals, and have some BFF’s hold you accountable!

But who are the  bff’s in the mastermind?


The group is filled with coffee drinking ladies [and some tea lovers too]…

Who are building their service based biz

[Coaches, Mentors, and Creatives]

Ladies who are chilled and relaxed, but serious about making their big dream happen.

Who love having the freedom to do what they love

and who are searching for Happiness, flexibility and Aunthenticity

[oh, and they are creating a brand experience their clients will love].


Ladies just like you!

What’s the  investment?

Considering the fact that my hour sessions usually go for $150,

I could charge a bundle for this [like easily $900]

For you, it’s a monthly $49! 

 You’re basically buying a weekly cup of Coffee for us both!!








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