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Qu: When is the right time to rebrand?

When is the right time to rebrand? It's a question I've been asked a few times. My short go to answer is: When your brand is not feeling aligned to you, Or you’re feeling like it isn’t representing you, Or if you feel like you aren’t attracting the right clients, Then...

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The impact of colour on Branding

Each colour evokes an emotion! I have spoken about the impact that colour has on your branding, and this week, I did a test - I wanted to see what the reaction would be to Pantone's "colour of the year" [which is the very luscious GREENERY BTW]. Let me first introduce...

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New Treat: The Sushi Box!

"I'm so tired of not showing up as myself" I had put on a brand "persona" for my business for waayyyy too long! I had projected the "professional" that everyone "expected" [and kinda like the suit I wore in corporate - it looked good... but it wasn't me]! I felt like...

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Hey Hun! I'm Emma Weise

Hey Hun! I'm Emma Weise

Head Creative | FreshSage

Welcome to FreshSage!

A Boutique Creative Studio designed to create online brand experiences for you!

Heard about the Bake Off?

Take a look at what my Brand Bake Off Contents have been drooling over!

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