What does consistency look like in branding?

You know that moment when you’re scrolling through your facebook timeline, and you stop in mid-scroll – because you just saw ______ [insert brand crush here]’s post!!!

You can’t wait to read what she wrote today! #BrandCrushMoment

What stopped you in your tracks?

In a word: consistency

You see, her visual brand is something that you have come to recognise instantly!

Whether it’s because she’s so dang good at using her brand elements,

Or because the visuals match the message,

Or the fact that her message is clear and consistent,

Or that she is sharing regularly,

or the fact that the overall post matches the value that you know she’ll deliver [even in a social post].

True consistency is when you are presenting your authority and expertise in a beautiful way… allowing all the above to come together like a hearty minestrone soup.

But maybe you’re just starting out, and you’re wondering…

How does _____ brand crush do it?

  • Let’s start with the fact that her message is solid,
  • She’s clear on who she serves and how,
  • Her posts are full of value + heart,
  • She’s clear on the brand experience she is creating for you,
  • You trust her… Her brand foundation is solid!


But more than that… the reason you stopped scrolling…

…was because her visuals match all the consistency we were talking about above.

By keeping consistent with her branding elements,

you were able to instantly able to recognise it was HER.

The visuals supported the overall brand she is creating!

When you’re just starting out… you don’t need ALL the branding elements to create a consistent brand.

but you do need some basic ingredients [like the ones that make a really hearty soup].

Recipe for a basic hearty soup [I mean “brand”] is as “simple” as a solid brand foundation, and some basic elements [like colours, fonts and imagery].


Just like a hearty soup, it takes a while to peg how much you need of each ingredient, but when you use them consistency – you have a hearty brand [and a client craving each morsel of what you offer]!

Speaking of cravings…

How does consistency create white mocha moments?

You know I love my coffee.

But there is one that I find myself craving… the white mocha!

It’s like a decadent pudding in a cup,

When I get what I’m expecting… it’s heaven!

When I don’t get what I’m expecting… the moment feels a bit ruined.

Funny how consistency in a cup of coffee, can bring a smile to my face!

Your client expects [and deserves] a great experience… one that you deliver consistently and happily.

Is your brand creating a consistent “white mocha moment” for your clients?

What can you do to put a smile on your client’s face today?

When last did you do an audit of your brands consistency?

Want to take a look at how your brand is doing?

I created this super helpful resource recipe for you!

In this download, I’m sharing my basic brand recipe!!!

along with a self assessment that you can use to do an audit of your own gorgeous brand!

[and because I’m a sweetie] I’ve also created a video where I chat you through the document 😉




My Basic Brand Recipe + Your Brand Assessment

is on the other side of this:

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