I love it when you create an awesome brand for a client, and then they contact you and say…

“Emma, I need you to wave a little of your emma magic and create a …. for me”

I love it… not because of the additional $$$ [which is always welcome], but because I’m really able to work with them to bring their brand alive.

And Renée always has these fun projects for me to work on!

Like the  Share your Passion Manifesto I got to create [because how awesome is THAT!!], so when she asked me to work on her speaker kit, how could I resist!!!


I love the idea of creating a speaker, or media kit to showcase what you do in a really profesh way.

and there’s nothing like a shiny purdy PDF to really bring what you do alive!

[and help your brand stand out in a beautiful way]

Some thoughts I wanted to share with you about creating Speaker Kits:

1. Keep it clear, aligned, and simple.

Because busy just looks messy. When you look at all the gorgeous magazines out there, they stand out, because their layout’s are simple.

Often people people think that a simple layout is “quick to whip up”, but the reality is that distilling the documents simplicity can often take quite a few reviews… to make sure it really WORKS!

Thanks to Renées loves of alignment, we now have a document that creates a sense of ease and space.

2. Put your clients first

When you create something like a speaker kit, it’s easy to jump into wanting to share all about what you do, but the key to success is to distill what they want to read about when they open your “book”.

Make it easy for them to read, throw in some sub headings, and give them breathing room with paragraphs.

I love how we used colour bars to highlight the sections of her document, it just helped it to stand out [and pop] that little bit extra!

3. Don’t forget social proof

When I have created things in the past, I get so caught up in the “what”, and the “how”, I have often forgotten to share the most critical component… what others thought about it.

I love how we “sealed the deal” on each page, by sharing some gorgeous testimonials at the bottom of each presentations page.

Want to take a look at Renées Speaker kit? Click here [or on the image below 😉 ]




[and if you’re in Australia, and you’re planning an event… maybe you should bring her in to share her passion with you 😉 ]


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