Let’s look at ways your hospitality brand can…


Attract more of the clients you want

Get more bookings [and turnover]

Bring people back again and again

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Who is the 67 minute brand review for?

This year, we are giving back to the hospitality industry… which includes the following 5 areas: 

// Lodging [Hotel, Lodge, BnB, vacation rental]

//Food + Beverage [i.e. Restaurant, Cafe, Coffee Shop, Pub, Deli’s]

// Recreation [i.e. theme parks, museums, theatre, art exhibilition]

// Meetings + Events [i.e. Conferences, sporting events, business events, farm shows, markets]


What’s included in the Free Review? 

// I will look at your current online presence

// we will discuss the business goals

// you will get clear on at least one practical thing you can do to shift your brand towards those goals!


 The process is pretty simple…



1. fill out the form below

2. we review your application

3. We’ll contact you to book in a chat

Brand Review Application 2022

First things, first:


Your Business:

Where are you stuck?

which part of the business or brand are you struggling with the most?
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