Hey Confident Ladies!
Last week I had the honour of taking over Kate Crocco’s Confident Ladies Club Facebook Group for the week.

and by take over… I mean take ooovvveeerrr. I was “kate” for the week! #HowCool


Considering I had created Kate’s brand, and we both knew how a gorgeous new brand really does boost your confidence [and helps you put your awesomeness out there]… it made sense to take them behind the scenes [and I’m seriously pulling back the curtain here] – to show them what went into creating Kate’s brand!!!

I shared stuff that Kate herself hadn’t yet seeen! 🙀

Right… let’s get to it!

Introductions + how the branding process starts

Day 2… We start getting visual

The next step in the process was to create all the lovely visuals you would see if you were part of Kate’s community, and in this video – I shared what went into creating her Moodboard!!!

Day 3… Colours + Fonts

I’d spoken about how we got clarity, direction and focus for Kates brand and how that translated that into her moodboard, now it’s time to show you how I pegged Kate’s colours and fonts!!!!

[and I managed to insert myself into the video this time 😉 ]

Day 4… The logo

Kate’s logo was fun to play with…
and what she hasn’t seen,
but you’re getting a sneak peak now 🙀

is that even though I send her only a handful of logos…
there are tons of other concepts that I worked through to get to that handful!

This vidwo will show you the process that we went through…

Day 5… patterns + textures + how it all came together

Here’s the video from the final day of the take-over – where I’m delving into some more BTS of how we crafted Kate Crocco‘s brand!

I’m chatting about the delicious patterns + textures and we selected for her…

AND… I’m showing you how it all comes together in her social media imagery!

What has been the biggest insight for you – from these videos?

Go on… share in the comments below!

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