Craving a clear + consistent brand?

that feels like you & attracts dreamy clients…


the brand bake off

isn’t like your regular 4 week Branding course!

Early Bird Rate: $475

great branding will help you

position what you do!

Hey, I’m Emma… and I’m on a mission to get rid of the “plastic cup” branding – and help you serve your champagne offering – in the brand it deserves!


I know you need some branding help.

You’re tired of trying to do it on your own [and hating the outcome]

Time to move into the next stage of branding: DIWH [Do It With Help].

so what’s included in 

the brand bake off?


1:1 session

With Emma – to help you gain brand clarity, focus, direction + positioning

Brand elements

Create your visual brand story, finalise color palette, font choice + brand imagery

group support

To help you tweak your brand recipe [a space to test out ideas]

Weekly Live qna

To ask questions, workshop ideas, and make tweaks with my help

I love how Emma helped me narrow down my offering, identify my ideal client, and then align all the parts of my brand in a way that attracted her!

I was surprised by how things shifted when I put more of myself into my branding, and I loved how Emma was patient, reassuring and encouraging right throughout the process.

Now I have a brand that is aligned, and clear!


Web Designer

After designing half a dozen logos for my new brand I knew I was spinning my wheels trying to figure it out on my own. Plus I didn’t want just a logo. I wanted to sink into my whole brand and create an experience for my clients, and Emma asked exactly the right questions to get me there!

I was surprised by how all the elements came together, and that I walked away with a cohesive brand, and I was surprised by how Emma got us to think about what our brand means, and not just what it looks like!


Life Coach

what will I learn in

 the brand bake off?

Ready to reposition your brand?

I want the $475 rate!

want to chat about the options for you?

Book in a chat

the the brand bake off modules: 

Module 1: brand story

How do you create a brand story?

  • Find the right brand inspiration
  • Elements of a great moodboard
  • Tips to help you create yours
Module 3: brand fonts

Choosing the right fonts for your brand:

  • Elements of good font choice in brand design
  • Access to my “font box” with tips and tricks to pair fonts + align your fonts to your brand personality
Module 2: adding brand color

Create your brand color palette:

  • Meaning behind color
  • How to create a cohesive color palette
  • Tips + tricks to balance your palette
Module 4: Brand imagery

Choosing the right brand imagery:

  • Knowing which types of images to look out for
  • Image styling that’s aligned to brand direction
  • Tips + resources for great brand imagery

Create an aligned brand, like these:

I knew my brand needed improving, but didn’t know where to start!

Emma helped me get clear, and focused in just our first session! I was also really surprised by the change in my branding colours, and loved how it was such a fun and inspiring process. I got a ton of value from our live chats too.


Life Simplifier

I recognized I was all over the place and I needed more consistency, but I knew nothing about branding.

Emma patiently worked with us, helped me get clear on who I wanted to attract, was spot on with her intuition, and listened to what it is – that we were not saying [she is magic *wink*] – and soon I felt more aligned to my brand.

I didn’t expect to feel as confident on how my appearance on my posts look!


No bake off is without a  winner, right?

At the end of the month, I will select the winner for our bake off!!!

[and by competition – it’s more about completion than competing with others]

That super lucky person will win my “brand in a box” template pack filled with GORGEOUS templates to help you showcase your FAB new brand [think instagram, facebook, twitter, pinterest, AND a Facebook cover template]

#NomNomNom #Tastyright!?!?!

Are you ready to start  baking?

Round 3 of the Brand bake off

starting November 

Now you can create a brand, like these:

Want to take it to the next level?

I also have another great solution for you!

If you’re like Jayne here…


…She liked the idea of the Brand Bake Off,

but she also needed a new logo for her business!

So I created:

the Brand Bake Off  + Logo Bundle!

You’ll get “the brand bake off experience” – have your moodboard, colors, fonts, and imagery identified… and then I will create a logo for your brand!

Here is an example of the options she had to choose from:

Finish off your brand, with an aligned + Fresh new logo:

Bake off + Logo Bundle

Book in a chat to discuss options!

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