You heard about the

brand bake off?

What is the Brand  bake off?

This isn’t like your regular 4 week Branding course!


The Brand Bake Off is:

1 part brand your own business.

You’re given the tools to whip up your brand


1 part swirling of my #EmmaMagic [feedback, help + Support].

Live calls | Group Feedback | QnA sessions


1 part competition.

See below for more info!

Emma, Is the “Brand Bake Off” the right course

 for me right now?

The Brand Bake Off is perfect for someone who wants:


Focused Brand + Message

You want someone to help you have that focused brand direction, and clarity on what your brand story + message are!

AwesomeSauce Packaged

Whether you’re new on the block, or whether you’ve shifted gears in your business, you need to peg what makes you awesome and unique so that your ideal clients crave what you offer!

Brand Guidance

You want someone to guide you as to how you pull your brand together [Streamlining your fonts into a sexy pair, getting input on decadent images for your brand, and pegging those brand colours for sexy consistency]!

Be Visible

You want to show up, and be seen online [It’s time for your brand to shine it’s light baby!]

You want your tasty offering to look as appealing as it actually is!

How does it all work???

tell me more!

It starts with 1:1 time with me:

Before we start working on your branding, I want to help you get clarity, focus, and direction for your brand and business.

So you’ll get to experience a 45minute 1:1 intensive with me!


What will we cover in the intensive?

  • Your Business Focus: Let’s get clear, focused, direction for you brand going forward
  • Your ideal Clients: Who are you positioning this business to [and how you can attract them]?
  • Your AwesomeSauce: What makes you unique + Different [How will you stand out???]

What my clients have said?

“Emma, you really GET ME and my brand! I love that you can see it too!”

Oh my gosh! what we covered in one hour – has had an impact on my business for MONTHS!

I love how Emma helped me narrow down my offering, identify my ideal client, and then align all the parts of my brand in a way that attracted her!

I was surprised by how things shifted when I put more of myself into my branding, and I loved how Emma was patient, reassuring and encouraging right throughout the process.

Now I have a brand that is aligned, and clear!



Web Designer

After designing half a dozen logos for my new brand I knew I was spinning my wheels trying to figure it out on my own. Plus I didn’t want just a logo. I wanted to sink into my whole brand and create an experience for my clients, and Emma asked exactly the right questions to get me there!

I was surprised by how all the elements came together, and that I walked away with a cohesive brand, and I was surprised by how Emma got us to think about what our brand means, and not just what it looks like!


Life Coach

Then over the next 4 weeks we are going to cover the following topics:

🖌 MOODBOARD: a visual representation of your brand story + direction – so that you can clearly see the way forward for your biz

🖌 COLORS: Time to peg your brand colours – which will help you consistently stand out

🖌 FONTS: Let’s get clear on the right fonts for your business, create one tone, one voice through your words!

🖌 IMAGERY: To help your brand stand out [so that your message is enhanced and supported visually]

Tell me a bit more

about the process, please!

  • Each week, I will share the “bake off” challenge with you in our secret Brand Bake Off Group [Some concepts, ideas, and strategies on each topic].
  • You then get baking, and share your creation in the group
  • I will then pop in and give you feedback on how you can improve your recipe!
  • Tweak till decadent!

Create an aligned brand, like these:

I knew my brand needed improving, but didn’t know where to start!

Emma helped me get clear, and focused in just our first session! I was also really surprised by the change in my branding colours, and loved how it was such a fun and inspiring process. I got a ton of value from our live chats too.


Life Simplifier

I recognized I was all over the place and I needed more consistency, but I knew nothing about branding.

Emma patiently worked with us, helped me get clear on who I wanted to attract, was spot on with her intuition, and listened to what it is – that we were not saying [she is magic *wink*] – and soon I felt more aligned to my brand.

I didn’t expect to feel as confident on how my appearance on my posts look!



No bake off is without a  winner, right?

At the end of the month, I will select the winner for our bake off!!!

[and by competition – it’s more about completion than competing with others]

That super lucky person will win my “brand in a box” template pack filled with GORGEOUS templates to help you showcase your FAB new brand [think instagram, facebook, twitter, pinterest, AND a Facebook cover template]

#NomNomNom #Tastyright!?!?!

Are you ready to start  baking?

AWWW SORRY! The bake off has just finished!






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