Does your  instagram feed reflect YOU?

Let me guess…

the last time you popped onto instagram, you found yourself scrolling through a bunch of super gorgeous instagram accounts… wondering

“WHHHYYYY can’t mine be like that????”

You know you have a fabulous offering.

You know you make a gorgeous difference to your clients lives. #DoWhatYouLove

But your account just feels “meh”!

and, quite honestly, what do you even put on instagram #NotAnotherSelfie #ADeskie?


Is your instagram account helping you

attract the  right people to you

If someone arrived at your cocktail party wearing their training gear… yes, you heard me, their training gear – as in yoga pants, trainers and sweaty hair tied in a ponytail… what would you think?

What is your first impression of that person?

yeah, we all hate the idea of first impressions, but If someone rocked up at YOUR party dressed like that, you’d definitely create a first impression of them!

Whilst I’m all for getting sh*t done in my yoga pants [and I may even share a pic on instagram] It’s not something i’d rock to a cocktail party… and ignoring your branding, is kinda like doing that for your business.


So how do you  build your brand on instagram?


Put on your gorgeous yoga pants hun,

it’s time to give your instagram account a workout!

Brand Your [Insta] gram 

A 5 Day MiniCourse

What will you learn?

I’m sharing my secrets to creating beautiful instagram feeds for my clients!

[<< like how I helped this gorgeous client create a beautifully branded feed]

The FREE 5Day Mini Course: Brand Your [insta]Gram

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Here are the deets of what you’ll   learn over the 5 days:

  1. How to get fresh [to attracting your ideal clients]
  2. Your Flavour of Awesome [who you are in your brand so that you stand out]
  3. Your ingredients [Sorting out what content you need to post when]
  4. Creating a balanced meal [working out your Branding Colours to help you be consistent]
  5. Your Insta-recipe [how to rock your Brand Layout + Template to save time going forward]


Let me help you create an instagram feed

that is as fresh as the offering you provide 😉

The FREE 5Day Mini Course: Brand Your [insta]Gram

Powered by ConvertKit

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