If you’ve done any consulting with corporates, you’ll be very familiar with the term “business strategy” [and making sure that what you do aligns to it otherwise there are limited funds for your project #amiright???].

One thing that helped me stay super focused in my own business,

was making sure that I set an annual business strategy

[I┬álearnt from the “big guys”].

The difference between us [as consultants] and the larger corporates…

is that we get to shift our business more frequently.

I sit down each quarter and review my big goal for the year, against what I’m finding in my business… adjusting accordingly.

I also set monthly goals that will align to the bigger strategy.

My business strategy document is a fluid document,

but without it – I would get super tempted by all the shiny things!

Enter the brand strategy.

At some point in your journey… you’ll reach the point when you know that you wont reach that business goal… if you keep doing what you’ve always done.

In your heart, you know that your positioning needs to shift [especially if that launch, book deal, or speaking gig is going to come through]

You know that you need to update your “look” so that your website isn’t “90’s chic” anymore.

You know that if prospective clients see your ________ [business card, flyer, or pdf] they will not take you seriously.

Those are usually the things that spark the need for a conversation around brand strategy.

But how is a brand strategy different from a business strategy?

As the animation below shows…

your business strategy pegs the “goals + visions” you have for your business.

Your brand strategy talks to the things we need to make sure are aligned to that business strategy.

We look at all the aspects of where you’re currently positioned

and then we give you the tools you need to cross the divide between here and there.

Which part of your brand strategy is keeping you up at night?

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