I love a challenge.

I think it started with Nathalie’s 30 day list building challenge.

I then discovered Melissa’s challenge to help me get really obsessed.

Tash’s 7 day money challenge helped me see making money in a completely different light

It was Jay’s copy challenge that shifted the way I write to you [check out this awesome golden nugget Jay now has to share with you].

And Kate’s Sales funnel challenge was responsible for a complete rethink of my offering.

And yes, I even ran my own challenge!

But then Kate said: Let’s do a “30 days of prayer for our business” challenge.

And my gut reaction was “uuuummmmm nooo”.

Not because I’m against prayer.

It was partly because I’d just come out of a challenge,

And partly because my prayer life was a little dry at the time.

31 days of prayer Inspirational Posters - created by @freshsageSA

It was then I knew that I needed to do it!

So reluctantly [not quite “kicking and screaming” level… but close], put up my hand… and said “yes! I’m in!

Well… I hadn’t banked on the impact it would have on me.

Yes, I was excited about the book,

[after all it’s titled 31 days of prayer for the dreamer + doer – and those who know me, will know how God used THAT title to really draw me in!]

It was only half way through the challenge that I was actually able to get the ebook

[btw – you can totally get it on amazon, but if you’d like to buy it through paypal.. Then pop on over here – you get to give back in the process [no… not to me – to other awesome peeps who need it waaayy more!!!]

And just sitting with the intro of this book, and I was having huge shifts!

So much so, that I had to share them with the ladies in the group.

See… I struggle with the whole “Trust in Him” thing.

I kinda like to “take action and trust I’ll get it done” rather!

Waiting for 11th, 12th or 13th hours to come by, isn’t my style… and so Trusting in God has been the key theme that I’ve been working through.

So I asked the ladies how they dealt with it.

And there were 3 nuggets that people shared, which helped them.

Things they would say, to remind them + help them.

So I knew I wanted to capture these nuggets.

And the creative juices naturally kicked in!

and next thing I knew… I was creating posters for these nuggets:

Nugget No.1: “I need You, I trust You!”

31 days of Prayer Posters from @FreshSage

Sometimes, for something to become our reality, it first needs to get cemented in our minds. So repeating this line, helps my mind know that I need to Trust in God!

Nugget No. 2: “Invite God in”

31 days of Prayer Posters from @FreshSage

This was an interesting one… realising that God wants to help us in our business, that He can do AWESOME things in our businesses [way beyond our wildest dreams] if we invite Him in!

Nugget No.3:  “Lord, this is where I end, and You begin”

31 days of Prayer Posters from @FreshSage

I think that part of trusting, is knowing that He is in control, and has our back…

the other part of trusting is coming to the party and taking action.

My problem is that I was all about taking action… and not much was happening in the trusting department… so saying this little prayer is a great reminder to MYSELF that I needed to trust God more!

So if any of this resonated with you…

If [like me] a poster would be a pretty awesome reminder… and you’d also like these little nuggets as a trigger to trust Him, invite Him in, and let him take over… then this is my gift to you lovely.

No emails needed, no hoops to jump through… just click here to access them from my dropbox, download, and be inspired!

x Emma

31 days of Prayer Posters from @FreshSage


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