Fresh Clarity Session: Get a fresh view of what's working and where to improve.
Fresh Clarity Session: Get a fresh view of what's working and where to improve.
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What a Fresh Clarity session?

It’s hard to read the label,

from inside the bottle.

Sometimes we aren’t aware of how we are showing up + positioning ourselves.

Actually, usually we aren’t.


We have biases,

preconceived ideas,

and random thoughts

that are potentially clouding our perspective.


Of course we wont see what others can.

By booking a fresh clarity session,

you’re getting an outside “look” into your business.

Is a Fresh Clarity Session right for me?

Here’s are some of the topics we have covered in clarity sessions:

“I have too many ideas!”

If you’re tired of chasing a bunch of shiny objects, you have a zillion ideas floating through your head, and you just aren’t sure where to start.

Let’s still the mind + get some direction + focus for the brand.

“I want more ideal clients”

Clients usually book in a session because they either aren’t sure which client to focus on, or because they are struggling to narrow their focus, or because they heard “the riches are in the niches” but it isn’t making sense for them.

If you need to talk all your options through with someone, then reach out 

“Am I still relevant”

You suspect that your brand has veered off course, and you aren’t sure whether your current positioning will help you achieve future goals.

You want to spend an hour auditing how you’re currently showing up [and get some fresh insights on how you can leverage things further] so that you can be relevant for today’s market.

“I’m too busy to figure this all out”

You know you need to show up online, but you actually don’t have time to figure out what needs to go where [LinkedIn profile, anyone],  it would be great to get some objective insights into how you can optimise / level up.


If any of the above resonate with you,

then yes – a fresh clarity session will help.

How does the session work?

1. We book a call

After you sign-up,

we’ll find a gap in the diary

[using my online calendar].


No long questions beforehand,

just a couple of key pieces of info to give me a “heads up” as to what we’re covering [so that I can get my brain in the game]

2. The session:

This is your space.

We’ll spend an hour on zoom working through what you’re currently faced with, the ideas you have, and figure out the best course of action to get there.

I will ask questions,

Challenge your thoughts,

and give you objective insights.

3. Clarity + Direction

After our session,

I will consolidate our discussion into a concise PDF.

Which will include:

// A summary of key points

// Action steps for the way forward.

How much will clarity cost?

It’s a millionty trillionty.

Nah, but it will save you a millionty trillionty

in frustration and wasted hours!

Fresh Clarity Session: $150 $95

[which includes the 1 – 2 hour session + consolidated PDF]

Reach out to book your session:

[or ask a question]

“It felt like I was just chatting to a friend over coffee. Yet you were able to pull through themes + give me clarity.”


Getting clear on my ideal clients was really helpful around messaging for website and social media.


“It’s been so great to work with you. Your insights were spot on, and the changes helped drive sales!”


Have a question? Send a message:

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