Have you ever done a drive at night during a fresh winters evening… When the air is pretty crisp and clean and clear… The stars and moon are out, and life is so sharp? I had that kind of drive the other evening… And life was good {I even took the opportunity to thinking about my business, and finding the clear direction I wanted it to take going forward}, but then I also had patches in my drive where there was fog – and instead of enjoying my drive, I wondered whether I was drifting into a horror movie.

freeimage-5347971-webYou know… The one where guy waits on the side of the road to attack unsuspecting travelers… And instead of thinking about the future, I became very aware of the present… Checking the sides of the road for any strange people {not that there were any – everyone was asleep} or kumakazi animals.

And when the air cleared up a bit… I realized that business is a bit like that.

Initially, we have moments of complete clarity, where we know where we are going… And then the fog hits – and we get caught up by the present, and focus on the day to day stuff. Sometimes it feels like a horror movie {where you feel like everyone is out to get you}, but sometimes it’s just a little unclear {and your focus is on the now – between customer A, and order Y, and everything inbetween}.

20130728-074941.jpgThat’s why it’s critical to know where you want to go, And when I work with clients on creating their visions, we spend time getting clear on where the business should go… because when the fog hits… And life gets tough… And business becomes more about the to do list… It’s that vision that will keep you plugging and pushing to where you want to be.

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Keep Visioning…

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