I want her to “OWN HER ZONE OF GENIUS”!

The first time that I heard Swapna say those words…

I knew that she had something really interesting, different, and powerful to share with the world!

and if you haven’t already met this powerful lady, let me do the honours of introducing you to a women who is on a mission to help other entrepreneurial women create content fuelled businesses.

Swapna knew that the way she delivered content, was unique.

She knows that she has a fresh approach to helping women own their zone and really show up in the world.

She’s been known as a content queen.

I love how she adds a unique indian spice to content + business, and those who connect with her – rave about her AwesomeSauce [and the work she does for them].

I also love how she is able to help you make sense of the choas that is in your mind… giving it structure… and aligning your thoughts so that all the pieces make sense.

It’s a really powerful blend of AwesomeSauce!

Her service is solid, We just needed to align her brand colours.

Adding colour to Swapna’s world

Actually, Swapna already had quite a lot of colour in her brand.

But she was struggling to find the right shade of turquoise,

She wanted to make sure that her palette was balanced,

and that all the great work she does… is represented visually in her colour selection.

It was time for me to weave some “emma magic”…

Take a look at the video below to see how Swapna’s brand evolved:

After one session with me [and a whole bunch of clarity], it was time to put some of the “emma magic” in action.

I love the vivid colours that came through in her moodboard…


We discovered her perfect indian turquoise for Swapna’s brand.

I then went to work to create the palette that would balance it all out.

The end result, a gorgeous colour palette unique to Swapna!



Colours that would showcase what made her awesome, yet still appeal to her ideal clients.

You’re looking for your colours to showcase what makes you awesome?


What she said:

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