Grow your consultancy with a personal brand – that gets results.

We help you get clear on your messaging + positioning, attract awesome clients with personal brand [that makes you feel confident] – so that you can do the meaningful work you love.


Confidently position YOU!


Attract meaningful clients


Grow your business

What’s stopping your growth?

People don’t really understand what you do [and stare blankly at you when you try to explain].

The work is not meaningful [and the clients – less than ideal] or you attract the wrong crowd.

Your brand is all over the place. When potential clients ask to see your website / social profile, you quietly die inside. 

You aren’t putting your best foot forward to position yourself for success + you see the impact on your bottom line

With a fresh personal brand,

you could…

Attract more of the clients you’d like to work with

Feel confident to put yourself out there

Have the flexibility you desire

Be taken seriously [without having to be too serious]

Spend more time doing the things you love

And still do meaningful work

Basically, a personal brand is the fresh mint you need…

to help your business get to the next level.

Hey, I’m Emma.


I know what it feels like when your brand is mis-aligned.

8 years ago, I started a consulting business – just like you.

I felt like I had to “put up a professional front” to “get the gig”.

It didn’t work. Or at least, it didn’t work very well.

It took me 8 years, many evolutions + studying what makes you successful – to understand that there are many ways you can still be taken seriously – without compromising on who you are.

After working with hundreds of consultants and coaches, investing hours studying the techniques to confidently grow business [and learning many of the lessons ourselves]…

We know that we can save you plenty of time + heartache.

Plus, the team are fully equipped to creatively position you as the expert you are.

You don’t have to try and do this all on your own!

Here’s what some of our clients have said…

“Emma took the time to really get to know me and my business. What I stand for, what makes me unique.

Then she translated that into brand colors, brand “feel” and now I have such fun colors that represent me, and my vision as a coach.”

Michelle Marie

Coach, Put Your Passion To Work

“It was amazing + your process totally exceeded my expectations!

Out of the many stories I told you, you were able to create a brand for me which is truly reflective of who I am.

It feels very authentic.

Natasha Thomas

HR Consultant, Bright Sprout Consulting

Lets create your personal brand… 


Put a clear roadmap in place

refresh your brand experience

Grow a business you love

A well positioned personal brand starts with a clear roadmap.

“My session with Emma was powerful!

The questions she asked were insightful. Within 90 minutes not only did I feel like she got me but that she got my business and my ideal client as well!

I didn’t expect to get such a clear picture of my personal brand so quickly but Emma delivered!

I highly recommend a session with her.” Melissa Morris

Melissa Morris

Coach, Put Your Passion To Work

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