I love to connect with people

who are are ready to use a little  

fresh thinking

to impact their business…

But I [Emma] do things a little differently…

 These are the best ways to connect with me…


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Want some branding treats?

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I've been busy in my branding kitchen, whipping up, creating and preparing some helpful goodies to you can create a brand you love [and stand out online!].

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The branding kitchen 

A space where lipgloss + sneaker wearing coaches and mentors can find likeminded BizBFF’s to connect with over a cup of [virtual] coffee [or wine]. A space to connect, engage, collaborate and just be YOU [whilst building that delicious business of yours] with friends who have your biz’s back!

Really want to give me a call?

Because I’m probably creating something awesome [and hate contact centre sales pitches], so I probably won’t answer straight away… I’m also shocking at checking voicemail [so I took it off].

BUT… go ahead and send me a text or whatsapp me: 063 131 5411

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