CulturevsStrategyHave you ever wondered which is more important in business: Culture or Strategy? The Culture vs Strategy debate seems to be a hot topic of late!

Last week I had a really interesting discussion with a business owner around this very topic… Mainly due to the line I have on my website: “Culture eats Strategy for breakfast”. During our discussion, a couple of points were explored {This is just some of them}:

  • You need a strategy in order to know where the business is heading
  • You need culture to build a strong and sustainable business
  • There are examples of businesses that don’t focus on culture {and only on Strategy} – but are very successful
  • There are also examples of business that got very hurt for not focusing on culture {because they only focus on Strategy}
  • There are also examples of businesses who focus on Culture – and they supercede their competition
  • And examples of businesses who only focused on Culture… and died!

And you’re probably thinking: Well… what do I focus on then? Is it Culture or Strategy?

Culture or Strategy: My view?

Yes, I’m a strong believer that culture is important… and Yes, I think that strategy is critical… but do I think that one is more important than the other?

I thought I’d turn my answer, into a pdf {with pictures – cause I’m visual}… and thought it may be great to share it with all of you… so go on… download it {It’s free after all} and let me know what you think!

*Update Note: I had a request to change this to an easier to view slideshare {vs download} let me know if this works for you…  and if you want to use it – by all means – go ahead… just let people know where you found it!

The Next Question: What about the others?

Now that you’ve answered that debate… It also got me thinking about the other areas that I focus on… each one making an impact in terms of where your business is going:

  • Vision
  • Strategy
  • Culture
  • Performance

And as someone who is building a business… the question is which one to focus on first?


The Short Answer?

It all depends on where you are.

We don’t believe in a cookie cutter approach… each business is different. So we need to understand where your business is at and what your critical concerns are, in order to work on a solution that is ideal for you… So basically… you start where you are at!



We love comments & questions… so if you have any questions around either Culture / Strategy… pop them in the comment section below {or drop us a mail}!

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