We started off the week talking about how fear holds us back, and I sent you the link to an amazing presentation on fear by Sue Bryce – well known international photographer {Read the post here}…

I then went on to talk about the fact that when we allow fear to hold us back… we don’t live to our true potential… essentially – we die inside {More in the post here}

So… How do I overcome it?

In Sue Bryce’s discussion… she said that we needed to understand the root cause of fear, and then move past it. They key is to stand up and open the door of opportunity to see what’s on the other side.

Interesting to say… but how do we I that?

“Do one thing that scares you everyday”

Once I have identified what my goal is… if I do one thing that scares me every day, I’m taking that step needed to open the door of possbilities… whether it’s having the guts to climb back into my gym clothes {and actually go to the gym and climb onto the treadmill}, or whether it’s calling that customer I have been avoiding, or whether… {fill in your own blank here}…

If I just take that one step, the others become easier!

It might not work first time, but because I tried… I’m learning and growing closer to where I want to be!

The point is… TAKE THE FIRST STEP!

Making it Visual

I’m the kind of person who needs a visual reminder of what it was that I set out to do.

How did I do it? I took the above quote, and saved it as my phone screensaver.

That way, each time I unlock my phone, I’m reminded to take another step towards that scary goal of mine.

I thought you may appreciate a download of this quote… so fill in the info below – and you can have your very own print out of this awesome quote! It’s free… so download and enjoy!

Do one thing
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