Do people know you’re in business?

[on Facebook]

Facebook is becoming like a local search engine for potential buyers.

Can clients actually find you on Facebook?

And if they do find you – do they know that you’re still in business?

How can FreshSage help you?

Fixing up your facebook is a simple 3 step process:

Step 1: hidden

We have a consult with you to:

  • Review your current page & discuss changes needed.
  • Plan out your content topics for the next 2 weeks [5 posts per week],
Step 1: The Mini Audit:
  • We review the page
  • Provide a minimum of 3 practical shifts you can make
  • Review the bio + page copy

“I was spending so much time trying to figure out what topics to write about – each post felt like a struggle when I was creating content myself – Emma made the process feel easy [and it saved me so much time]” – Joyce

Step 2: A Content Strategy

We create a content strategy to help you stay fresh in your clients mind.

1. We Outline the key themes you should be posting about

2. We create a posting schedule for the page


Step 3: Connect with Content

Time to connect with clients, and get your brand visible with great content:

1. We will create a fresh cover graphic to position you effectively

2. We will create one social image – to get your feed on the track [and make sure you look like you’re still in business]:

the result: A fresh new page, ready to point clients in the right direction.

“After putting out my first post – we had someone contact us to enquire about one of our products!” – Kevin

What happens after?

The great thing about this package, is that it’s a once-off commitment. You can then take the strategy + continue implementing it yourself, or alternatively we can discuss our monthly retainer options.

“I love my social images! having a template has made things so much easier! I love creating content now” – Gill


What do I actually get?


PDF Report

With the findings from your mini audit + suggested changes that you can make to your profile.

Content Strategy

Know what to post when, with a content strategy that covers your Key themes + posting schedule [with content ideas for the month ahead].


1 x well designed cover image that is “on brand”

1 x Social Image [and the copy / description that goes with it].


With instructions as to how you can make the changes to your profile, update the cover image, and load your social images.

Creating a facebook page…

that’s on brand + in business

“It was so awesome to have the team clean up my facebook page. There was a increase in engagement, and people started reaching out to me!” Joyce

How much will it cost

to fix your page?

International rate

Fix Facebook Package: 

Which includes:
1. Mini Audit
2. Cover Image
3. 5 x Social images
4. Guidebook [how to make the changes]


Total Value: $285

Your Investment:  $145



South African rate

Fix Facebook Package: 

Which includes:
1. Mini Audit
2. Content Strategy
3. Cover Image
4. 1 x Social image
5. Guidebook [how to make the changes]


Total Value: R2,850

Your Investment:  R1,425



Q: Can you load all the changes for me?

Sure. This service is an optional extra though.

Once you give us access to the back end of your profile – we can then make the changes to the profile, load the cover image, and schedule all your posts for you.

Q: Do I get the templates?

You’ll receive the social images in JPG – once the project is completed.

If you would like us to provide you with a template for future image creation – we would be happy to work out an additional rate for that.

Q: Will I be contracted in?

The Facebook Fix-up is a once-off package – designed to bring your page up to date, so no intense contracts are required.

We also see it as a great way to test how we will work together… and many clients choose to sign up for our social packages afterwards.

Q: Can you help me with post ideas?

We do discuss the 5 post / image idea’s in the initial chat.

If you would like to discuss a social strategy going forward – We would be more than happy to help.

Q: What are your other social packages?

Once you have fixed up the page, you might want us to take care of your social posting for you.

We have three packages:

// The Test Pack: Ideal for clients who want to test the waters + only want to post once a week.

// Building Consistency Pack: Ideal for those who want to be more consistent [with posts 3 x per week] – this package includes a monthly consult regarding topics

// Socially Sorted Pack: Ideal for clients who have a lot of products, or who want to boost brand awareness – with posts 5 days a week – this package also includes the monthly consult.


Book your session:

Goal you want to achieve with the Facebook Fix up?

Which option would you like to book?

Which option would you like to book?

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