A while back I wrote about Evernote, an App that I absolutely LOVE!!! This week… I’m meant to do an interview… but while I find some ACTUAL people to ask questions of, I thought I’d share some “interviews” that Evernote did with their users {AKA: Ambassadors}… and what I took out of those interviews…

Aviary.com {to capture ideas}:

1Love how they capture ideas in meetings… no more re-drawing of your brainstorm!

UPPERCASE {To run a magazine}:

4Putting ideas together, keeping track of to do’s

Rice Paper Scissors Pop-up Cafe {To run a business on the run}

3You got to LOVE the concept on it’s own! I love the integration between social media and being organised! AWESOME

The Dairy farm:

I had to include it – cause it was just so cool… No more excuses as to why a business is too small to use evernote!  Other than that…I liked that they used it for going paperless and capturing ideas… between being on the farm (or at their desk)

 Which video’s were your favourite?

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