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Choose your own blessing – My gift to you this Christmas!

I love that Christmas sparks the giving heart, and I wanted to give something to you... something special. So if you want a blessing just for YOU... Something to [hopefully] bring you joy and excitement in 2019, then play along.  All you need to do is: 1. Look through...

branding recipe #001: How to not connect with someone

Part of being an online entrepreneur, means that I get to connect with people I don't know. Over the few years I have been doing this, I have met some great new people, made some valuable new connections and I've even gained a few friends along the way!...

How much should a logo cost your service based business?

  ​This week, whilst geeking out on design and listening to how the masters of branding operate... there was something that he said [when asked about the logo cost] that probed me to dig deeper. Knowing that many of you have asked "how much should a logo cost" -...

Freshly baked | A sneak peek of the STC brand

Each project gives me the opportunity to push my creativity - to look at one concept from a variety of angles. So today, I thought I'd give you a sneak peek into what that looks like. design direction - 5 different ways Here's the overall top focus for a...

It started with 2 dreams, and one crazy idea!

Well actually it started with a challenge: "Create a survival kit" he said. followed it with "make it personal and fun and you!" The idea has grown and shifted [as most ideas do]... and next thing... I found myself having created a patreon account! So then...

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