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How do I choose a website name

Today’s Question: “So… I have a business name, which I love, but how do I check if the website is available?  and do you go with .com, URL [aka: your countries “. ____”]? Actually… back up Emma… what is a URL? HELP!” Ok, Wait… Let’s just say… YAY! You have a...

40 things I want to do before my 40th #bucketlist

I’m creeping closer to 40… to be exact [at the time of writing this on a balmy Friday] … I have 52185600 seconds, … or 869760 minutes … or 14496 hours … 19 months … or 86 weeks … and finally  604 days left. Basically, I have enough time to add a little bit of fun to...

16 free script + brush fonts hidden in CANVA

"What script fonts do CANVA have?" A client was wondering whether any of the free scripted font's that come in CANVA - would work for her brand. Instead of scrolling for days, I thought I'd give her a quick overview of some of the better [more tastier] options...

Brand Love | Share Your Passion’s Speaker Kit

I love it when you create an awesome brand for a client, and then they contact you and say... "Emma, I need you to wave a little of your emma magic and create a .... for me" I love it... not because of the additional $$$ [which is always welcome], but because I'm...

The ultimate guide to awesome genuine testimonials

When I think about the word "testimonials" - I think about how people are about their favourite coffee shop: Some people will tell all their friends on facebook about their fabulous new coffee shop find, Some people think "I should totally tell Jane about...

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