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Sharing insights about creating a brand experience + building an online business [oh, and of course I’ll share the happenings in FreshSage world].

[Ps… you may want to grab a coffee before diving in here.]

Fresh Workshops on the cards!

What makes your business unique? So often I come across business owners who struggle to put their unique selling point into words. When asked  “why do your clients want to work with you” I often get some kind of version of  “because I’m good at what I do” But lets be...

Would you serve quality champagne in a plastic picnic cup?

If you're like me, the answer is HELL NO! Not only do you not want to smell plastic when sipping on some cap classique... but it affects the taste too [and the overall experience / enjoyability]. And if I've been offered champagne, and it arrives in a plastic cup... I...

Freshly Baked – Time to get social!

Quick update... I have just created a fresh batch of social templates! They are still hot, straight out the branding oven! So I couldn't resist the share [whilst they are still warm] Aren't they just drooollllworthy??? I created them - because so many of you are...

A year of EASE | 2019 Goals

If you've ever gone through a vision process - you'll know that goals are great... but getting intentional and creating a vision board - will help you "stay the course" and actually make it happen! Think it's too woo-woo? So did I... that was until I tested it out +...

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