What makes your business unique?

So often I come across business owners who struggle to put their unique selling point into words.

When asked 

“why do your clients want to work with you”

I often get some kind of version of 

“because I’m good at what I do”

But lets be real… theres more to that answer.

Sometimes it’s just hard to put your uniqueness into words.

Sound about right?

📍 If you’re tired of fumbling each time you’re asked, 
📍 or if you want to stand out in a crowded market,
📍 or if you want to set yourself apart,

…then you aren’t alone!

Sometimes it’s really hard to position our own uniqueness + vocalise what makes us stand out as unique, and having someone else look into your business + extract your special positioning is a real gift to your business.

What is the “Grounded” Branding workshop Series?

It’s a series of workshops created to help you create a solid grounded brand… getting your brand off on a solid, clear footing!

To learn more about future workshops, take a look here! Hoping to connect with you soon!

In case you missed my Instagram live – here are some of my thoughts:

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