freshly baked | branding for “Expand Online” a fresh new podcast for artists

Behind the scenes of the fresh new brand we created for the "expand online podcast" for artists [for Jaime Slutzky]

Feb 7, 2020


When Jaime touched base with me to say that she had not only reached 100 episodes of her podcast [holy crap – what an achievement!], but that she was also shifting the direction of the podcast to focus on artists who want to build their online business… and her existing business branding wasn’t working for this new audience.

After chatting about the new direction she was shifting in, it became clear that she needed to refresh the brand to really appeal to the more artistic marketing she wanted to connect with.

Here’s a snapshot of where the original branding started.

Jaime had tried really hard to use her existing brand colours and fonts [after all she really wanted to maintain brand consistency], but the vibe it was creating was just not resonating for this new client base, Jaime was struggling to bring her two worlds together – as you can see below [plus a sneaky pic of where it ended up 😉 #spoileralert]

Kicking off with the Brand direction.

In thinking about the ideal client… there were three main directions that I felt we should explore for Jaime…

[original images here]

This first option was closest to the vision that I thought she had for the brand – Think more “edgy artist” – with a really personal feel.

[original images here]

When I created this concept, I quite liked how the brand was deconstructed down to it’s smallest form… Jaime likes to break steps down for her clients – keeping the tech simple.

[original images here]

This final concept is what happens when I want to show the client something completely different from what they had in their mind. I feel like it’s my job to show them possibilities that they hadn’t potentially thought of… and this main image stopped me in my tracks… so I just HAD to build a board around it! 😉

Creating the brand identity

Jaime was most drawn to the first board.

Keeping her original branded Teal + purple… it was time to bring in some warmer colours and add a mixture of depth and vibrance.

Plus… I then got to work on creating two mark “options” for the brand:

How it came together.

A few tweaks later to the brand, the type, and the colours… and her brand new brand emerged:

I know that I’m pretty subjective – but I fricken LOOOVEEE how this all pulled together!!!

Oh… and Jaime’s clients are already commenting how they love the fresh new artwork #WIN! 

“I knew Emma could freshen up the look for my podcast… But I had no idea that it would be so vibrant and fun.

It’s so hard to think outside what’s already there, but I knew I needed to bring Emma into pull it out of me [and some of it – I didn’t even know that it was in me].

It’s the subtle things like knowing that the balance would be off without the light aqua (I tried to force it out!) and the obvious, like brush strokes and a paint brush! Thank you Emma for always pulling the best look and vibe together!

– jaime slutzky

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