When People ask me what FreshSage is…

I say that I create brand experiences for servicepreneurs*

[*Coaches, mentors, creative biz owners]

But what I really want to tell them…

Is that I help women find their confidence!

Because Hun, I know that you have something awesome you’re dying to share with the world!

You have a Dream, a calling, something you were born to do!

and you’re already making a great difference!

You just don’t have an aligned brand yet!

Maybe you’re struggling to attract the right clients.

You feel like you’re presenting a diluted [or fake vanilla] version of yourself.

Maybe the idea of “online” is freaking you out.

Maybe you’re wasting hours of your time in Canva.

Maybe you know that all the bits and pieces of what you do, need to come together into a consistent streamlined strategy.


If that’s you, then there is some good news!

You can ditch the  “fake vanilla”,

find your AwesomeSauce,

and be confidently YOU!

Hey Gorgeous! I’m  emma weise…

I want to help you find that confidence.

I’ve been where you are, tried all the “tricks” and then I spent time figuring out what makes my own brand awesome!

I want to do the same for you!

My hubby explains it best…

he says that it’s like I dig down into the soul of someone’s brand, and that I bring that alive for them.


I like to say that I create a whole experience for you… 

We start with strategy, and how you want to position yourself.

We uncover your personality.

and we bring that alive visually.

Plus I add a whole lot of people psychology into the mix.

Want the “How I created FreshSage” Story?

  • I “grew up” in corporate retail… in an HR role [Not what you expected… riiiighht!!!]
  • After successfully climbing the corporate ladder [over a decade with some rather large brands]… I realised that I was in a role that was perfect… it’s just that it was perfect for someone else!
  • I explored my creativity, and fine tuned my skills as I worked with other large companies on their internal employer brands
  • I then realised that I have a knack for branding, and that entrepreneurs needed my skills the most.
  • So now I work mainly with servicepreneurs [coaches, mentors, writers, artists, designers, planners, photographers and other creative entrepreneurs] to create brand experiences for their clients.


So what do I do?

Some call me a Brand Experience Coach, but I’ve also been known as:

A brand angel

A biz Fairy godmother

A muse [who inspires you]

The best paid BFF ever

Essentially, I’m one part creative inspiration, one part kick up the pants, and one part supporter/advisor!

Want me to spill more secrets…

Whaaaattt!!! You want to know more??? Here are 12 Juicy facts

  1. My favourite creative elixirs are latte’s, artisanal chocolate [or lindt], post-it notes, bubbles, colour fine liners, toffee, stunning imagery
  2. To me, Inspiring someone is like your first mouthful of gelato… refreshing, sweet, and tastes like more!
  3. When I’m not creating things… I like to spend time with my hubby [We are big series and movies fans] and my nunu!
  4. My favourite moments… are in the back garden on a summers day, with my friends beside me, the kids in the pool, and everyone creating their own favourite panini, sipping on some of our local vino!
  5. My favourite smells…. are of chanel chance, suntan lotion [reminds me of summer] and rain [as long as I’m under covers].
  6. I think that the “status quo” is as boring as “suits” without Harvey and Mike [we need to play beyond the “safe”]
  7. I love collecting stationery, and so I am not allowed into Typo too often!
  8. Other than wine… coffee is a vice [and chocolate too], and I enjoy sneaking off to a coffee shop… to work whilst indulging in life’s little pleasures
  9. I believe in large doses of gratitude [they are better than any happy pill]
  10. I think that it’s totally normal to have bags within bags [how else do you organise your stuff?]
  11. I think that bubbles make any day glamourous… whether they are in the bath… or in a glass
  12. My aim… is to have allure… and be powerfully and mysteriously attractive and fascinating [like life behind a macro lens]

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