You might not need a brand [just yet]!

especially if you are a consultant, or in the service based industry.

Whhhaatt!?!? Doesn’t

everyone need a brand?

Creating a brand is definitely a game changer.

However, if you’re still trying to work out the foundation of your brand, then it’s too soon.

You’ll find yourself tweaking your business too much as you work out all the kinks,

and then in 6 months after you spent all that money on your brand,

you’ll need to go through the process all over again!

So what do you do instead?

Before investing in your brand,

focus on your brand ingredients


Spend time on your brand ingredients – the foundation of your brand.

Through brand coaching, you’ll chuck the “old junk” out the grocery cupboard,

get clarity on what’s working for you, and tweak the brand recipe,

So that you can make delicious traction

+ be ready to bake a decadent brand.

the brand ingredients we always start off with:

// what makes your biz unique / your USP
// who your ideal client is
// what you should offer them 
// clarity on where to take the brand 

what do you need help with?

A small tweak

Maybe you just need help with ONE element of your brand foundation:
// what makes her biz unique / her USP 
// who her ideal client is
// what she should offer them
// clarity on where to take the brand

Then you could totally just book an intensive with me (one session) to tackle it 

Positioned for impact Bundle

You know that you need help in a few of the areas above [one session wont cut it], and want someone to work through it with you!

In order to pull all the ingredients together effectively [and position her business for impact] – we need a little time to unpack your cupboards.

If that’s the case – I have a 3 session package – where we work through all her ingredients & work together to find clarity, and focused direction.

Or if you’d like for us to connect:

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