building a brand can sometimes feel like you had one too many coffees!

You know that bouncing off the walls, slightly jittery + unable to focus clearly feeling?

That also happens in our business on occasion!

It could be because of all the hats you’re wearing as a business owner. You’re in the thick of keeping tabs on all the day to day “stuff”!

Maybe it’s because of all those business opportunities that are out there – giving you “shiny object syndrome”

or maybe all of it is overwhelming you…and you’re wondering “What the hell do i choose next?”

So how do we get you off your coffee fix?

+ get your brand on the right track again?

Ok… I won’t lie – I can’t help you with the coffee addiction [sorry, me too!],

but I can help you with your brand!

your secret ingredient to help your brand is clarity!

it makes decisions easier.

it gets rid of overwhelm.

You have more time.

Your path / direction is so much clearer.

attracting ideal clients… way easier!

you need a fresh start with a fresh roadmap!


but figuring it all out on your own is tough!

often my clients find that one session,

creates insights that help them move forward,

in a new, fresh way!

Is a FreshStart session what you need?

After this FreshStart session, you will walk away with:

// a simple strategy to keep you focused.

// Your unique positioning outlined,

// knowing who you serve – more deeply,

// clarity on where to take your brand,

// your custom roadmap for the way forward.

Includes a 90min zoom call + your roadmap outlined in a 5 page PDF.


Want to enquire about booking your own FreshStart Session?

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