You really want to connect with your ideal client – get intentional on who you serve!

Take a look at these two pretty moodboards… 

The graphics just lured you in… am I right?

Before you get too distracted my the purdy pictures…

here’s what I see:

Two versions of a similar person!

 // Both run consulting / service based businesses.

// Both have done their time in corporate
// both have a family they would like to spend more time with
// Both of them are really busy juggling it all!

Even with that narrowed down…

these two woman [two versions of the same thing] have a different need, focus, and look / brand aesthetic!

I see my ideal client.

and I’ve delved deep into each one of their lives, 
so that I can really serve them effectively. 

Because that’s what I’m in business to do…

It’s our business to know our clients.

Many of my clients are able to run through their basic client demographics.

i.e. she’s in her mid 40’s, lives in the suburbs of X, and is looking for Y…

Which is a lovely start.

But it’s when we delve deeper, and really get to know them – who they really are – that we can work out how to serve our clients better.

Heres a basic example.

You’ve seen the visual of my client Danielle [above].

Late 30’s – She lives in the suburbs of New York, She left corporate to start her consulting business, and now she is needing a brand to help position her as the expert she is.

But let’s delve deeper and see how it impacts the way I serve her.

She’s a mom of two – and when she’s not running between soccer + ballet practice, she is also juggling her emails on her phone, and trying to make a business a success.

She’s very busy.

Now, by really digging into the fact that this busy mom is my client – I can understand her dilemma. Knowing she’s busy, I also then know she’s probably be suffering from overwhelm.

To work easily with me – I need to keep the process light, easy, and make dang sure that I get rid of some of her overwhelm.

 So… How will you serve your clients better in 2019?


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