Transform your hospitality brand experience

Attract more of the clients you want

Get more bookings [and turnover]

Bring people back again and again

Your brand experience shouldn’t be holding you back from having a successful hospitality business…

Do you find yourself wondering why…

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You lose out on bookings

Clients are looking for an experience, they want to create memories, go somewhere special, and do something interesting.

If your establishment isn’t catching their attention, then they will go and spend their money elsewhere.

People skim past your establishment

People really are judgy judgy… but let’s be honest… the first impression you give them online – is what they will be using to decide whether they will book [or pop in]… or whether they will run for the hills!

Your place looks “dated” + “boring”

We know trends come back in fashion…

But despite the fact that the 90’s croptop has made a comeback, we can guarantee you that your 90’s website [or logo] should probably be a thing of the past.

What’s happening here?
When your brand is looking dated, clients are wondering what else is dated?

// Will the bedding have bugs?

// Will the place be properly maintained?

// Will food be up to hygeine standards?

You only attract the shitty clients

If you are reaching a point where you’re continually attracting clients that you really don’t want, you need to ask yourself why you’re positioning your brand in a way that is specifically attracting those clients?

Nice clients don’t come back!

This is the one that hurts the most.

For the amount it costs to acquire a client, it would be awesome if those great clients came back again and again.

So if your business is reliant on repeat customers, but you don’t have a loyal fan base… there is an element of the experience that’s putting them off

Some of the clients we served, and how they were transformed…

Case Studies coming soon…

Here’s how FreshSage will transform your brand experience:

1. Take a look at how you currently fit into the market

2. Design a clear strategy to position your incredible experience

3. Grow your unique brand experience [and sales]

We aren’t like other brand or marketing agencies…

There are a lot of agencies you can choose from… and you’re wondering if we are the right one for you?

Of course we still create logos, websites, and socials like any other agency… but instead of focusing on ad campaigns that win us awards…Think of us as your creative partner.

We focus on getting your business on the map – by strategically aligning everything we do, with the kind of experience you want to create.

Aligning your brand with where you actually want to go.


“Their approach not only gave me new insights, but I appreciate that they challenged me to better position the company” Engelbert

“Working with FreshSage is like having someone climb into our company’s brain and help us focus on what we need to achieve. I had never done that before. It was excellent to take that journey with them. Emma’s very clever, passionate, and talented, and I love working with her.” Sharon

“The Freshsage team took the time not just simply provide a “logo” but they understand my brand, the result was a brand overhaul that has been commented upon multiple times since it went live. I now stand out in my marketplace in a way that I have never done so before, all because of working with Emma.” Mark

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The FreshSage Team will partner with you to transform your hospitality business – grow your audience [and get bums in beds/seats], whilst making the others wish they could stand out with an experience like yours!

Branding that’s rooted in strategy, and gets results!

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