How to attract clients with budget? 3 lessons from service-based business owners who up-levelled

When you're in the service based business, you end up working really closely with your ideal client + it's only natural to want to work more with people you actually like!

Jul 15, 2019


One of the key reasons why many service based businesses approach me for a rebrand, is because they know that their current brand is not attracting the kind of client they would love to work with.

They know that WHAT they do is amazing,

but the clients they are getting… not so amazing!

They often say things like:

“I’d like to work more with people who can afford what I do”

“The level of clients is not really my ideal kind of client”

“I’d like to attract more clients with a budget”

 I totally get it!

When you’re in the service based business, you end up working really closely with your ideal client + it’s only natural to want to work more with people you actually like!

or worse… you know that your service is incredibly valuable, so when you are only attracting people who have a super limited budget… it can be super frustrating.

How to work more with people you actually like?

After plenty of conversations with service based business owners, there are three things that they needed to shift in order to really appeal to their ideal client.

I have compiled those three lessons in here for you, to help you attract more of the kinds of clients you really want to serve.

Lesson 1:

You can’t be everything to everyone

There is huge temptation to want to serve everyone who comes through your door.

Some of my clients fear that if they focus on just one kind of client – they will push all the others away. The fear is real, especially when you have already worked so hard to build your consultancy to the level it is.

The risk of turning away clients, could also impact the bottom line considerably – if you get it wrong!


Let’s also reflect on the risk of continuing to work with those who suck you dry, who don’t appreciate the impact, or [worse] who leave you questioning your ability #AhHellNo

So the solution is to getting more strategic on who it is you want to target.

Which is why we look at this in a very strategic way. 

It’s critical to make sure that the clients you want to attract, align with the strategy + direction + goals you have for your business. We don’t just look at one client, we analyse the top 3 clients, and then build a solid strategy around how you transition.

Because it would be foolish to not analyse this carefully.

Our aim in getting your client strategy right…

is to attract more ideal clients, still bring in the “almost right” clients, but make sure that we repel those clients who wouldn’t be a good fit.

Lesson 2:

Get really clear on who YOUR people are!

So this is the part of the conversation with my clients, where they say that their ideal client is:

“women entrepreneurs” or 

 “six figure clients” or

“25 – 55 year old women in business”

If you really want to connect with your ideal client, you’re going to need to get a lot clearer on who the kinds of people are that you are craving to serve!

There are maaannnyyy different types of women who own businesses [do you really want to serve all of them?] and the needs of someone at 25 is exceptionally different at 55.

take a look at these two client moodboards:

The graphics just lured you in… am I right? 

Before you get too distracted by these purdy pictures…

Here’s what I see:

Two versions of a similar person!

Yip! Both of them

// run consulting / service based businesses.

// have done their time in corporate

// have a family they would like to spend more time with

// are really busy juggling it all!

Even with the above demographics and psychographics narrowed down…

these two woman [two versions of the same thing] have a different need, focus, and look / brand aesthetic that would appeal to them!

You will have often heard that “the riches are in the niches”?

Now before you start freaking out, there are many ways to niche…

whether its the demographics of a person, their psychographics or their needs and desires – there are lots of factors that unite us with our ideal clients.

So who are YOUR people? Who do you REALLY want to serve?

If you also thought the answer to the ideal client question was “women entrepreneur”… and you want to attract a specific kind of client, then I’d love to encourage you to get more strategic about who you serve + really dig down into attracting YOUR people!

Lesson 3:

Position yourself in a way that appeals to your ideal clients

So I have already been hinting to the fact that knowing your client is one thing, but now that you’ve gotten even clearer… take a honest look at your brand again… are you positioned in a way that makes them think:

YEEEESSSS!!! Take my money already“???

We all know that clients will judge us on the first impression we make.

Especially if they are making a larger investment into your services!

The want to know that they are putting their money in the right place!

Unfortunately, it really doesn’t help if you have the most incredible service on the back end, but your ideal client doesn’t get a chance to see that, because the front end looks so disappointing!

Your service could be aaaahhhhmazingly life changing,

but if they stumble on your brand, and you look cheap or unappealing,

they won’t spend their money with you!

So they need to first see how great you are,

and then they will buy into the awesome experience you offer.

Take another look at how your brand is currently positioned.

// Are you everything to everyone?

// Are you putting out content that makes sense to your ideal client?

// Do you offerings meet their need?

// Is your brand positioned in a way that attracts them?

// Are your processes at the level that your ideal clients expect?

Your brand needs to show who you are and why you are unique,

but it also needs to appeal to the kind of client you want to attract,

to be positioned for success!

Which of these 3 lessons will help you find your clients with budget? Have any interesting “aha’s” whilst reading this? Leave a comment below.

About the Author

Emma is the Chief Coffee Drinker here at FreshSage. With over a decade in branding + another decade in corporate business - she's always balancing the creative with business strategy + goals. She believes everyone has a purpose + calling, and secretly loves helping her clients find theirs. When she's not building brand experiences, she's spending time with her High-school sweetheart + kidlet, tinkering in her veg garden, painting an abstract, and enjoying vino with friends.

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