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Ready to record your screen + share your knowledge, but your screen is looking cluttered from all the bookmarks + extensions?

I was about to start recording a tutorial for a client, and as I opened my google I thought “Dang! This is looking really cluttered and distracting!”

Whilst cleaning up my screen, I was thinking about how it impacted the overall brand experience for clients. 

When you’re recording your screen,

instead of presenting a cluttered, “messy” space –  use these tips to “polish up” your desktop… think of it like we’re shoving all the papers in a drawer so that your guests don’t have to see the mess 😉 hehe – not that I eeeevvveerrr do that! *grins*

3 fresh tips on how you can hide bookmarks and extensions when recording your Google Chrome screen.


want to know more about creating a brand experience?

take a look here where I walk you through my process to creating a brand experience.

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